Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the title says it all.

Ross & Joel (the water ute boys) mished over from the Gold Coast of OZ for the stony jam a while back an went on bit of a tiki tour around the mainland while they were here in search a dirt to ride, here's some of what they found. Catch you sometime in OZ boys! Keep digging & building those trails!

an a massive farewell goes out to Ian aka P-Haze, his golden "Stricker" Betty & an all those bang'in beats. It was rad as hell hang'in out with ya dude, cheers heaps for all those dope sundays ya came an spun wax at Kai Sunday Sessions, goodtimes! All the boys around here are sure gona miss ride'n with, ya bad ass banging dubstep & that cheery Scottish vibe laddy, ride on & have fun in Vancouver mang! Yes that's the Air bag on the trailer.

an while Stoney was in NZ he...

sat on a stone

hugged a stone....... Moeraki Boulders if you don't kno

got busy with a flathead at stony. He was bikeless, but still helped out

yup Stoney at Stony....."i'm missing my shovel tho"

this is what Stoney's done with his shovel. So rad, one my fav vids for sure.

Stoney didn't get to see this last week tho
the southern lights above crompton aka cromwell. Some dude took a better photo off it than me, my camera sucks it was as good from Wanaka, amazing!

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Ru said...

what!? southern light - why do I not know about this? sick shot.