Wednesday, April 28, 2010

texan & kiwi tranny slay'in

hell yeah this is the SHIT! The 'ol vimeo rainy day dinner time search never lets me down, dudes going big so it deserves a big screen....47 seconds of T1 then it gets dirty, an if it don't make ya run outside, grab a shovel a dig some, you suck! Thanks to all the eastside diggers! Oh if ya don't get the full screen hit this or just get firefox forget microhard or is it soft? An Robbie's right this is so RAD!

On the NZ grassroots trails front there's a sweet vid of what went down at the Blenheim (SFABMX) trails jam last weekend, check it here, trains & goodtimes, i missed out! DAM IT! By the way TRAILS kickass they ain't no trend that's here today & gone tomorrow! They've always been there & they'll always be there! Go fast & roast! Up north (above Auckland some) a bunch a tranny slaying stunt fiends got bad ass on blue grooved tranny's at Woodhill with little kids bikes then jumped on big kids bikes then back again to little kids bikes & kicked some ass, confused?

Basically 20'ers were not allowed to enter the NZ Dirt Jump Open, lame. Didn't BMX'ers invent those tricks, hell yes! Pollatrics man, fuel for that fire hahha! Bikes r bikes & dudes on 26" MTB's go big & do some cool shit but dam it just always looks way more RAD on a 20"! So the compromise it seems was that BMX'ers were allowed to enter the best trick comp & they cleaned up! Jed's double whip 3 took the 1st! Yeah Jed! They didn't stand a chance haha! If ya wanna kno more read some'a'this. Everyone had a rad time & that's what counts! Peace & love man!....Bunny hop flairs WTF! Try that on a 26'' haha! Goggle it!

Jed whip'in good'n'large
(best pic i've ever seen up on spoke)

Dirty South fow life dudes...while broken over summer Luke got busy with a tiny as HD camera & the finished vid is rad! I gotta get a HD cam i think! Goodtimes on big bikes & little bikes....can ya spot Searlie & Doyle ruling it, bring back summer!

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