Saturday, May 1, 2010

ghetto ramp party

this is what i'd like to be riding...mmm mmmm sweet trails yes yes YES!

but when not around a shovel & dirt this what we've been much rain! YES!

here's a crappy vid of a mad night breaking a ramp in..... beers, BMX, shrooms, dubstep, drunks, spirits, spliffs & girls hahhaha ! Yeah breaking a ramp in always needs a party! Goodtimes heaps more to come, It's gonna be a rad winter with something indoor & local to ride! The ramps not quite finished yet more ply needed for bottom & big side...then she'll be faster & smoother! No digs when the earth is frozen solid aye..that'll be soon!


久舞儀器 林綾旗山 said...

不錯 我喜歡

fungus said...

Hahaha.... Shrooms... Nufin like good ol plywood fun.

fungus said...

Hahaha... Shrooms... Nufin like good ol plywood fun.