Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pete's ramp jack'in

Hell yeah Pete...that roof's gettin closer hahha!

Pete's ramp got a little jack'in up recently, the flat bottom got dialed in & dam it's look'in sweet, i raped a few pic's of facecrack as ya do, cheers Coulson & if ya wanna check out more there's loads more awesome photos @ Dave Coulson Photography. So Look'in at the top shot ya drop into the 9 foot lounge end & can send it! So rad, nice work boys, gotta get back over soon......lot's a diggin on in a few weeks maybe. Winter hasn't looked this good eva down here! It can rain it's tits off all it wants hahaha! Ride on!

old pic, old ramp height & a little vid a Pete when he's outta the do ya like it! OHHH!
how do?

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