Friday, May 14, 2010

wana digs & uk roastin.....

2nd berm on the big line is perfect now, it sends you over the racer easy as.

ya just gotta love how machinery get's the job done! Cheers Dan, psyched as

after one day it's coming up ain't ready yet tho! KEEP OFF PLEASE!!!! But not long, it is long tho ain't it HA!

some pic's from the weekends dig's. No rain is due here for over a week so enjoy the week ahead down it's gonna be so good to roll every day, golden hour goodtimes it's to dark to roll by 6:30pm, so ya squeeze as many runs in as ya can like a desperate dirt junky does hahha! Dan got the digger into Lismore on Saturday just gone (check the pics) an re-stacked a couple a berms. The last berm's a work in progress tho....the big lines gonna be dialed soon, an the diggers back in there this weekend coming to build up some landings & lengthen a few all you local Wanaka riders be at lismore this Sat 22 May, 10 am till dark, they'll be heaps to do, help fix stuff up & ride some! The tunes will be cranked!

PLEASE KEEP OFF THIS BERM! It ain't ready yet!

if ya ain't helped build it PLEASE KEEP OFF! It ain't ready yet! Thanks

all we need now at Lismore is a sweet hut like Stoney's got!

hahha looks like FBM Crandall tried jumping his new ride! I can just see me & Fu rock'in around on a dog side hack? Seems Pug's a the in dog to have hahhaa i just wish they didn't snore so LOUD!

the woodyard looks fun & check out Segment for all ya trails threads..... i have no idea if they ship to NZ tho, will check that aye, keep on diggin & roasting...

now this is what makes all the hard work in the shitty rain & cold over winter worth it, rolling ya digs in the spring! DIG 4 VICTORY or don't dig at all hahha! Only 4 months to go down under, so get ya dig ON!


spadesandflats said...

roasten dogs an roastin new addition dubs with your boys is what its about!

Anonymous said...

Lismore is looking sweet BOYS!
wish i could get up that way but between work , money , and time it never happens !

Hope to be up soon to help u boys dig