Thursday, May 6, 2010

digs & nibbles

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after a good week a digging it was tools down for a few rolls over the weekend, goodtimes

a shovel at night......

a almost finished berm at night......

bit a work in progress by Spanky, Rupert &'s gonna be fun hit'n this half way thru a new weekend....

some a Spanky roll'in while Rupert keeps on shovel'in

Rupert is psyched on stack'in it up, when not hung over....happy birthday dude! Yes that's 3 shot's of the same berm WTF?

some autunm colours.....

more digs...

some mmmoooooooooooosssssssssss.........

don't ya just love doubles, flowy curves & tight lines at the trails........yes yes, more whack as chessy captions to come

this has nothing to do with dubs at all (like the girl does?) John spent some time here a while back & was tell'in me about the "Emerald vid" so here's his section, it's bad ass.....we miss ya paddy'ness, get ya ass outta Canamerica dude & back to Wanaka, you kno it's a street fiends heaven here hahaha ahhh NO it's NOT!

Searlie goes big, has style to match, yup everyone knows that & Cam Whites orbit launching backyard a massive kickers makes all other piles a dirt look like kids stuff.

Iona's new big 'ol airbag kicker less the 2 foot extension, Rupert's lov'in it, just look at his face.....will be fun test'in this out shortly

this vid is sooooooo rad, Jeremy Muller shred's

"if you build trails, you understand that a lot of work goes into your own spot. Here's a snapshot of our digging life"

dam this dude sends it!

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