Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rainy day random'ness

1st RY Book, "the music issue" is out.....it's a sweet read

it's sooo fat...that's a lot a pages full a rad pic's .....

who else is gonna get the back(bone) cover.......they also so stock Rebelyell buy it here

i'm pretty excited about the 2nd Rebelyell book, oh yes full a TRAILS yeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Sekt is in at Wasted Youth & i spotted this there, only on the Internet aye hahha

i got goosebumps watching this, such a sweet vid! Here's more redbull 2010 dirt pipe action!

now here's an idea for the 3rd Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton 2011, blastin outta the bowls into some dubs anyone? Could be possible maybe.....

Diablo Trails R.I.P. - Sep 06- June 07

so it's been 3 years since these got plowed an for me 3 is a dam special number, the 3 of us had some fun building these over that long hot summer (what were we thinking) with Marley chill'in/sleeping in his hammock, hand packing, hauling water up from the lake, blisters, sore backs, losing Fu down rabbit holes or chasing mountain bikers hahha It's how i meet & got to know Guiri from Fly Bikes, fly what Spanish? Back then i'd never even heard of Fly Bikes, I'd just had 7 fun years in Sydney rock'in little devil T's, baggy jeans, didn't read mag's, hated computers, riding everything in sight & got sooo hooked on trails with places like @ hazo, glenbrooke, penrith, lillyfield, the gully, the grove, redhill some i can't even remember names of, i even rode Carter's old dig's a couple a scary times, then donated some parts & all my tools when i left OZ, shit i even had a cop ram a gun in my face over there for nothing at 4am riding street one mardy grais! I'm getting side tracked here. Basically Guiri & i both turn't up in wanaka & just wanted to build some fun trails that BMX'ers who visited Wanaka could enjoy in a forest riddled full a MTB stuff, you know fill that gap, riders here had never seen jumps like this before, perfectly formed "pointy stuff" as Willem (president of MTB Club) called them. Which was the norm to us.

So thank you so so much for all your help back then Guiri & now...BONK's to ya amigo, get back here soon your sooo over due, every one called them the Fly trails, we called them Diablo Trails, can you imagine what they'd be like right now if they still stood. Diablo means Devil in Spanish if you don't know. It's so time to bury this one if i can, lest we remember & dig on! In my opinion if all the people around Wanaka weren't diggin back then & that sort of activity never went on around here i don't think Lismore might not have ever happened maybe, but who knows, supply on demand! So from some bad came alot a good! Oooooh how things have changed around here since then & for the best to! Lesson's learnt by all & trails life goes on. Thanks to everyone who tried to help save Diablo trails especially Asher! An thanks to Greg Barnes, Sion Rodgers, Dean Hunt, Will, Dave Johnson, Brett Frew, Nico, THD for helping dig a little when you visited us digging.

as the years have gone by in NZ private trails have built or have exsisted here for well over a decade an there's alot a spot's around NZ (ricks place, stony, frew farm, Langlands, B-valle, Monty's yard, Greyskull, Siligna & Scott's to name a few) as well as public jump parks (all the spot's Greenwood's built in the past 16 years frankton, one mile, the orchard & the Gorge Road then there's Lismore, Timaru, Mot , Nelson, Rotovagas to name a few) then there's all the other diggers getting it done around NZ the old fashioned way, the SFA crew, Mr Seek, PMP crew, Keiran, i'm not gonna tell about evey spot getting built tho, some have to remain completely secret an no doubt there's plenty i don't know about haha So i'd say the trails scene in NZ has gotten pretty dam big now, it's still growing & progressing daily!

Now that i think of it diablo trails were the 3rd set a trails i'd ever built from scratch & lost, 1st loss was Pony trails, Sydney (in Penrith near old Quarry, river & saki factory-Adam Cornish, Me, Tom Boorman, Cussons & Newland) 2nd loss GTF (ghetto training facility) LillyField, Sydney (Tom, Adam & Me) they were on waterboard land so doomed from beginning........trails come & go, but the passionate ones never stop diggin & always rebuild/start over. At least the drains in Lillyfield will always be there & they are fun to ride. I watched Garret Burns & Van Homan shred them up.......memory lane. I hope you didn't just read all that whisky induced rant

"dig more & roast more @ Lismore
Saturday Work Days 9am -1pm/dark Lismore Jump Park, Wanaka, NZ

cheers to John & Jasimine for the pic's...keep shooting 'em

Pete blast'in his yard..... Ollie's psyched

if you kno this private spot Mike & Andrew have/are gonna be doing a bunch a revamping this winter...so "get involved" new rules at this spot are NO DIG = NO RIDE!

so get dirty this winter way down under on the Mainland yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

gotta love ya hershey's

holy fuck inspiration to get ya frang'in it!

new DIG....yeah yeah you've most likely seen this but if ya ain't..Dam! We have to wait 2 months for it in NZ.....we're so behindthe times, at least we see the sun 1st everyday.....so realy were ahead of the dam planet!

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that post was rad as hell man motivation yeeew il try and et as many pics of catty for ya haha yessss
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