Thursday, May 20, 2010

global MX radness

secret French trails, so lush & how's the sound his helmet cam's got, i so gotta strap on (haha) a camera to my helmet i think, should be interesting seeing how the footy comes out.

Hanu Cools rad as Belguim MX trails, soooo many fun lines

Kiwi digger & shredder Paul Langlands kill'in his backyard & a little concrete up North! What a beast!

Simon's backyard is looking fun, clay heaven ......Germany somewhere? It's a wild guess.

crazy madness from FISE 2010 there's even a nice bit a style & some dudes hucking it!

this ain't got nothing to do with BMX really it's mother nature blasting in Iceland, imagine this under the sea gushing oil, yup what a mess BP has made in the Gulf of Mexico, so so so wrong & in the name of $$$! Blow up ya car & ride a bike! BOOM!

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