Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wasted youth wolf sekt...?

Cottle styl'in it.....is this wasted youth?

Wasted Youth is all about side boobs (more ass please), drunkiness, trails, goodtimes & trails..... well it's got nothing to do with being to wasted really tho hahaha Mike Cottle who runs wasted youth outta Florida has got his sweet new online store up & running, he can know send stuff out to NZ, fuck yeah! He'll have some SEKT goods real soon, i've been trying to get my hands on some for a while now, sweet & dam the SEKT family is RAD full a some trail roast'in fiends, here's the wasted store! Mark Mulville's Wolf Brand either is or will be in stock soon also...along with a bunch more rider owned/run goodies.... BMX own'd! BMX i mean...the industry, be your own BOSS! Fuck the man! DIG TRAILS!

Wolf Brand owner Mark Mulville fly'in @ Casselbury, Florida
HFK! is kinda based here hahaha loose dudes!

i found this nosey'ing around the web, seems this vid is everywhere, with good reason too, so ya might have already seen it if not, your in for a treat such an rad RAD epic massive spot......fun times as a kid come rushing back watching this, the 1st time i rode this place i was um about 10 or 11 i think & we got soaked.

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Hell Fuck Yeah