Monday, May 31, 2010

ride'n'ocean days

if ya love ya trails then ya need one a these tee's! Get in fast b4 they sell out, get one
here P.O.W. & check there trails out!

had a pretty chill sesh at Lismore yesterday, bit a digging as always, some rolls with a few locals & Ben from Canada, one sound dude who knows his trails etiquette, dudes that turn up an want to help out b4 they ride fuck'in rule! So the lights came out last night, Ben, Hunter & I spent a good 4 hours in the frezzing cold dailing in the monster berm on moto, while downing a few Robbie Brown's ie Double Brown's! Dig at night & ride thru the day, perfect! We few runs thru the berm this morning & holy it's soooo rad! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew MOTO it up!

there's some footy of Ben's trails on Vancouver Is. in this vid, check it out, not a bad set up to have in ya grandparents woods, wait for the berm roost'in

hahha 80's relic... just a giant BMX really Morrison "sidewinder"

an you thought director forx we a new idea!

had a good weekend away on the coast despite the antarctic rain & we pretty much cranked the fire @ Shag Point, ate plenty, downed honey whiskey, found a BMX on steroids from the 80's, explored a big 'ol reef when the tide was low with the kids, I caught a shark which tasted dam good, checked out some big round boulders & got chased by a fat grumpy seals.

Here's some sweet inspirational footage to get ya digging! Enjoy!


mike said...

that big ole berm looks kick ass man

Anonymous said...

Hey dude! fine? check this video from Brazil! and if do u like, post in your blog. cheers


TRUBMX said...

cheers Gustav, it's up, some of those brazilian dudes got a beat down on that monster double tho! goodtimes!