Tuesday, May 11, 2010

big ol' red & compression

the Redbull dirt pipe thang went down over the weekend just gone (if ya didn't already kno), the results are up on FATBMX , NZ's Jed Mildon got 2nd now that's dam RAD! Psyched for ya dude! Here's Jared Carter grabbing a handfull a rubber (above), more pic's at Backbone BMX & i'd keep an eye on Raine Turnbull Photo cos he took this one, nice! There's a bunch a pic's here & here's what Redbull has to say about it.

there's a new public jump park getting built on a old BMX track up in Wellington, i just spoted it here, lots a CLAY, a 6 pack set up thang with a start gate maybe? A bunch a transfers by the looks of the plan, hips, & 25foot gaps on the big line, sounds loose. What no berms & what happened to all the racers hahha? The plans look fun, the dude running the digs rekons it'll all be ready by summer for getting ya stunts dailed, so if ya live there get involved or just keep diggin at ya secret spot & keep it that way SECRET!

the new Soul BMX trails vid is coming an if it's like any of the past vids it'll be sooo full a sweet beautiful TRAILS! It'scomes free with the Soul BMX mag trails issue out soon......hard to find in NZ tho. Yes it's a trails vid, full of trails trails trails trails & more trails did i mention trails haha can't wait for it Ben!

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