Friday, October 31, 2008

Have U Helped Mike Out Yet ?

Mike Aitken Retrospective from Fitbikeco. on Vimeo.

What, you hav'nt flowed Mike some ca$h yet ! Do it now no need to think about it man just help him out !!come on !! Refresh ya memory then , watch the vid an see why Mike needs our help , if there's one thing i can realy relate to it's just being able to move around freely & play with ya kids , I'm sure Mike's hangin out to just run around an play with his son , that's what us Dads do best !!! Hit this for the latest news on Mike's recovery , he's one hell of an amazing person , super determind , positive & strong !!! Stay FIT Mike , big ups & all the best !! We all need to get together in NZ an put on a few fundraiser's for Mike , who's keen ? Lets do it !!


Hit the photo of Mikey styl'in it up & flow him some much needed $$$$$

Yo yo yo everybody !! Pay attention please one of the stylest all round riders of our time needs our help !! If don't all ready know Mike went down hard @ POSH earlier this month (October), an has some serious head trauma , was KO'd , never came to at the trails , was rushed by ambulance to the I.C.U @ Bethlehem hospital in P.A. The medical bills will be huge !! Mike Aitken's Wife , Son & Parents all flew in from Salt Lake City (UTAH) to be with him , that's what family is all about man , if ya go down hard their there for you to help you get thru.

Were all part of the big global BMX family an we need to help out !!! Mike rules it big time so dig deep into ya wallet an hit this link to 50/50 (Fuzzy Halls bike shop in UTAH) , when your profession is riding BMX & ya livin in the U.S.A. it makes it pretty much impossible to get health insurance , Mike's wife & son are insured but because of what Mike loves to do a BMX , he can't get any insurance !!! I think ya all get what i'm say'in , so do the right thang man !! If ya love BMX as much as we all do , you wont even think twice about flow'in a $20 Mike's way, or more if ya got it , every little bit of $$$ is gonna help !!! Mike's recovery is on , lots of positive news here at his website , Mike's family has been posting the good news & he's getting better !!
Get well soon Mike , the world needs ya man !! Your a big inspiration to us all !! RESPECT !! ONE LOVE !!

Halloween Ligera treats

Arhh me harties , Halloween badness ARHHHHH ARHHHH !

Ligera's AARRHH a treat on dirt man , it's dusty & dry round here , they got dope grip man !

If yarhhh lookin for a nice trails tyre , track some Ruben Ligera's down , well good rubber !

It's Halloween man an Marley's as bad ass as the new Fly Bikes Ruben Ligera's tyres ,there a treat man, no tricks here , i've been running em for a week now an there dope on dirt & still sweet on concrete (110 psi if ya need it , just watch the speed dust on d rubber when ya hit concrete tho or you willl wash out haha i did , very funny hi speed madness) , an the sound they make in a bowl is choice as !! Hit up Revolutionnz an find out when there getting them in stock ! They can't be far off ! In the mean time you can get them here ARRRHHHH ARHHHHH ! Dig trails AARRHHHHH !!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scott's dirty tranny's !!

i think that's Scott , were are the flames man ?

the pet cemetery is on steroids man ! I like trannys too , big tall ones covered in PVC

mmm nice soil in south Canterbury aye or is it North Otago ??

there a straight lot arn't they , these tranny's , bit like a X games set up ! Peering down from alow flying orbit !

Scott's a naughty boy, his Mum & Dad just let him dig up the yard !!! Keep adding new lines bro , utilze the house man ! wall rides , roof rides thru the kitchen window rides hahha i want to see flames man !! Keep diggin digger

Scott Irvine sent me a few shot's a while back of his dirty goodness & mini ramp....... looks like a dope set up , Scott is a stuntman ,from a sleepy wee southern town, his plans.... to dominate the world of dirt trickery, the devil dared him to, so now he heals quick , goes big & he mos def has skills , so look out world this dirty tranny hit'in soul sellin devil machine riding boy is on a rampage hahhaha ..... hence all d dirty tranny's in his backyard , an i hear there real dirty & the 30 foot roll in is a good place to take young girls for a bit off....... well that shit is gonna send ya ,break ya, snap ya , just straight up skool ya ass haha i hope ya back on ya devil machine bro , dam, can ya see those tranny's from ya bed man ? Must be torture if ya can ! Just remember to relax when a tranny hit's ya , whoops i mean when ya hit those tranny's ie keep it mello man !!hahhaa ...... can't wait to have a roll Scott ... see ya soon ya little prick !!
EDITORS NOTE SUCKAZ : if ya ain't seen the rulin Kiwi film "The Devil Dared Me To" ya won't get the humour ie South Canterbury stylee ya F*#k'in little pricks !

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon prizes prt 1 !!

REBELYELL goodness get's d 'ol thumb's up from Marley man !

Here be all the details , get up down here for it !!!

The 1st of the goodies have started to arrive for the TIM HALES WANAKA SHREDATHON prize pool , REBELYELL BMX MAG a bunch of the " The Photo Issue" , T-s & Stickers ! There's also going to be a article writen by me that's gona be in REBELYELL a bit after the 1st " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon " along with a few photo's that Tim Pierce is gona take on the day , well that's if Sam from Revolutionnz don't serve up the goods as i hear from Dave Johnson that he's bit of a hot shot with a camera , game on fellaz , ya can have a best shot shoot out battle !! And if ya realy dig REBELYELL you can vote for it , hit this link an check the top left hand side of the page !

Either way , i'm sure all the shot's will be dope , then it's all upto Chris Polack @ REBELYELL as it's his mag man !! One hell of a dope mag !! WORD ! ... in fact the best down under BMX mag !! WORD UP ! Get yaself a copy from Revolutionnz , the new "Road Trip Issue" is hotter than the girl next door , has bigger tricks & stunts than her boobs man , oh an full of big dope glossy PHOTOS ! F*#k all adds , that's what ya want !! DIG TRAILS !!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Stony Hillz , tight crew & fun times

Sunday's fresh snow on d hills above d Ida valley ! Hey Greg i found ya t-shirt man , nice fit haha!

Stony Hillz -bottom section, had some fun ridin this lot aye

Stony Hillz - top right section - had some fun with this lot too !!

view from my bed - surf , sheep & sky

This was my daily wake up call & inspiration , as the sun rises !

Had a sweet time hangin with H , Si , LB down at Stony Hillz .I arrived tuesday night & headed back to wanaka on sunday morning !! Whilist at Stony Hillz i consumed loads of water , coffee , food ( we ate heaps haha) & a bit a good organic beer which fueled the goodtimes ! 4 1/2 sun filled days & half a day of rain ! Stony Hillz is running real nice & hittin new lines up is oh so fun !! The best thing about these Trails is that H's house is about 400 meters down the driveway from were the trails are ! DOPE AS !!
So i watched the sunrise in my bed daily, was sweeping & wetting down lines by 7.30am on the first day , an was rollin by 9am , time was not important , an the sound of Tui's (birds) filled the air constantly . I was just super keen on rollin thru & blastin some tranny's ! I'm soo very jealous , i want to go back !!! Now that H is living at the trails , there gona be so groomed & dialed from now on ..... there already super groomed & dialed as it is hahha !! Sorry for the lack of stunts & trick photos , but we all had way to much fun riding ( & diggin ) to shoot any action shots haha , i'm sure some of ya know what it's like ,to be diggin loads , then to go an help at somebody elses trails that are running , i guess it's cool to get some nice shots but sometimes all ya wanna do is RIDE ya ass off !! Keep on Diggin ya'll !! Big Ups to H & Si , keep that trail steez yo got happnin fellaz !! Thank you for the memories , an dam i'll be back for more after the 1st annual " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon", which is on the 15 november & at the wanaka sk8 park ) check d flyer out , it's here on my blog

Monday, October 20, 2008

Off 2 Stony Hills 5 days of trails !!

new styles Stony Hillz -bottom section

Stony Hillz - chillin

Hideout - dad & son headin home fa Kai

spring @ d Hideout

Baby number 3 ain't far off !!! AARRHHHH !! hahha all good

Just about to boost to d coast for a few nice days @ Stony Hillz , Trails oh Yeah , The Hideout is getting there & now the 1/4 are in d woods , finaly & what a mish , cheers ta Dan , Ben for a top job hahha !! An just gota share Chelle's belly with ya all , it's big & theres still 2 months of groth for the baby to go , it's gona be massive haha . Nuff said fresh snaps after the weekend !!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

POSH inspiration !!! gotakeepdigginman

Josh @ POSH radness man
Yep international inspiration man ( whoa to realy big words haha) I don't realy need to say alot do i !! these photos realy say it all !!! i stole them of go check it out !!!


Come Out Swinging!! trailer from on Vimeo.

there's a nice auzzie trails vid being filmed at the mo , check the trailer , it should be out early 09 !! thru Backbone BMX !! those Canberra boy's run a tight ship ! Siiiick !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st Annual " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon " 2008 Flyer

here it is the flyer & all you need to know about one hell of a dope day on ya BMX !! It's gona be a fun way to remember such a dialed ripper, Tim Hales R.I.P.s , he'll be with us spirit & soul !Yep it's all about fundraising for the SPCA & Wanaka Parks new extentions ( also LIGHTS). Thanks go out to all who have helped make this happen !!! Big ups to all the sponsers !!
If you hit the image an save it ! You can print it off , then get on ya bike an spread it round ya town ie in ya local bike shop window , on the back of ya car or even slap it on up at ya local sk8 park !! If you save the small image above this jibba jabber you use as ya profile pic at facebook !
They'll be phat beats blastin ya ear drums all day , a greasy BBQ burning red hot , drinks for all the riders (bring ya chilly bins (eski) & heaps of room at my house to pitch tents & crash on the floor haha ! So get down/up here to wanaka bring ya good vibes , an get ya shred on !!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Focal Point park edit !! park edit from cooper b on Vimeo.

here be some park action from across the ditch yo !! OZ town radness !! Watch for drop bears man they nasty little buggaz !! Nuthang wrong wit abit a park aye ! Few nice bowls, ledges & loads of stunts going down !! Check it out , it's good to check parks out when ya onboard the planning team for the new extentions @ wanaka park aye !! Hit this fair dinkim link mate

Siligna woods ! Caleb's trails northside.

this is Matty @ POSH , PA Woods (Pennsylvania) U.S.A.

sorry got ya all going aye , i love this shot (above) PA is short for Pennsylvania not pah OK ! for more trail goodness !! When i read the caption under the photo 20/20 ran of Caleb clicked in a well clicked turndown ( if ya read the mag you should know the shot) it was dope to see another solo digger building trails , Respect ! Such a good way to have total creative control of the dirt ya playin with !! Welcome to the world of blogging bro hahah also a good creative outlet full of jibba jabba like mine haha, any way here's the link loads of shots of Caleb's handy work , an a very nice shot of Robbo @ Catty hit'in the mad as 360 berms , lines everywhere . New Zealand's trail scene is start'in to take off ! Big up's to the trail heads out there ,you know who you are , keep on diggin ! Come on H your next to blog it all, did ya find ya charger , i'm still waitin on those shots of Stony Hills ya 24traildread ! Nuff wit d jibba jabba suckaz !

Monday, October 6, 2008


Show your support peeps Grey & Purple ( no blk) $35 + postage , an ya help'in raise some funds for Tim's family & the Whakatane S.P.C.A. ( save those cats) Tim sure was a ripper , ride on bro were ever ya be !! So if ya keen to rock one either hit this or e-mail Mike : , yo ya gotta e-mail Mike with ya size & colour obviously !!!
Hopefuly i'll have a few on sale @ the 1st annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon" 15th November , WANAKA SK8 PARK see ya there , there is a flyer coming haha i've just been digging tho & waiting on Demon drinks (cheers Brad ) to flow there logo then it's all go !!


Trail Life ? Section 22 R.I.P.

Trail Life? from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

I thought might help some of the ignorant out there just understand what trails & BMX are about , there are so many of us out there that know what up PASSION ! I'm sure some of ya have seen it or not , either way ya hear it how it is Penn state styles Ryan Barrett , Chris Doyle & Brandan Pundai ! Just flip the seasons round an it's the same deal down south !! Keep on diggin !! That's what it's about , when ya lose what ya love !! Keep all that hard work well hidden , if ya out for fame ya trails will get flattened unless there legal !! Trust no one ! well only ya shovel & diggin buddies !! Respect ! Dig trails 4 life................ya dig ?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Queenstown Bowl update !

lots of fun to be had in this pit !!

yep lots a fun !

hit this wall an ya might just fly !!

The concrete has all been poured & the bowl is lookin soo smooth , the pool coping (tiles) is all that's needed an it'll all be ready to roll !! Keep the peace boys an respect the fence ie best to keep out of the pool or Jason my get just a bit pissed at ya !! Skate & BMX politics are dumb enough with out more fuel put on d fire !!! Be patient an just wait till it opens !! An go find out if they need some help with the landscaping , get involved boy's, planting tree's is a good thang !

An i just gotta say the dirtfarmer has been doing some time behind the loader & shovel down at Gorge road , it's all looking real dam sweet all the existing lines have had an overhaul the new lines are nice 'n' big , gona be a whole lota fun & loads of big transfers lines for ya to get silly on , ya might even be up for some stunts & trix if ya that way inclined !!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tim Hales Memorial Jam - Fitzy Bowl

Tim will never be forgotten , nor his love for cats !


alot of people showed up , they rode, sunk a few beers , good times !

into the night , more fun times & some crazy dancing in Tim's honour !!

Heres a few snap's (cheers Ella ) from the jam put on @ d fitzy bowl , loads of good peeps turn't up by the look of the snaps & check out the new paint job !!! R.I.P. Tim Hales , your spirit lives on Iternaly !! One Love to everyone who hung & played on their bikes with such a sweet rider !!!