Monday, October 27, 2008

Stony Hillz , tight crew & fun times

Sunday's fresh snow on d hills above d Ida valley ! Hey Greg i found ya t-shirt man , nice fit haha!

Stony Hillz -bottom section, had some fun ridin this lot aye

Stony Hillz - top right section - had some fun with this lot too !!

view from my bed - surf , sheep & sky

This was my daily wake up call & inspiration , as the sun rises !

Had a sweet time hangin with H , Si , LB down at Stony Hillz .I arrived tuesday night & headed back to wanaka on sunday morning !! Whilist at Stony Hillz i consumed loads of water , coffee , food ( we ate heaps haha) & a bit a good organic beer which fueled the goodtimes ! 4 1/2 sun filled days & half a day of rain ! Stony Hillz is running real nice & hittin new lines up is oh so fun !! The best thing about these Trails is that H's house is about 400 meters down the driveway from were the trails are ! DOPE AS !!
So i watched the sunrise in my bed daily, was sweeping & wetting down lines by 7.30am on the first day , an was rollin by 9am , time was not important , an the sound of Tui's (birds) filled the air constantly . I was just super keen on rollin thru & blastin some tranny's ! I'm soo very jealous , i want to go back !!! Now that H is living at the trails , there gona be so groomed & dialed from now on ..... there already super groomed & dialed as it is hahha !! Sorry for the lack of stunts & trick photos , but we all had way to much fun riding ( & diggin ) to shoot any action shots haha , i'm sure some of ya know what it's like ,to be diggin loads , then to go an help at somebody elses trails that are running , i guess it's cool to get some nice shots but sometimes all ya wanna do is RIDE ya ass off !! Keep on Diggin ya'll !! Big Ups to H & Si , keep that trail steez yo got happnin fellaz !! Thank you for the memories , an dam i'll be back for more after the 1st annual " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon", which is on the 15 november & at the wanaka sk8 park ) check d flyer out , it's here on my blog


Anonymous said...

man they look amazing!!

TRUBMX said...

ooohhh yyeeaahhhh !! smokin hot times buddy hahaha !