Saturday, August 30, 2008

Queenstown Bowl update 2 !

mm what's this , the small end big enough to stir fry ya in !! woke 'ed

topside view ! obviously look'in back at the small end, nice trany's !!

look'in into the big end !! bad ass !! lil bit a vert eh !! Check top right of this photo yep it's a man peepin it help to give ya an idea of the size of the pool !

the man behind this mean as pool kno's how to do a real awsome job ,if it's as smooth as the concrete in the streety park thang this pool is gona soo smooth an fun to ride ! An when the lights get set up , night time sessions will be so on !!

This is gonna be one hell of a fun bowl/pool to play in !! No coping true pool stylee OH Yeah blue tiles fa miles i hope just like Bondi & the Bra bowls (thier in Sydney fools). I don't kno about the tiles aye but i know one thing the QT 20" crew ( SOCIAL BMX ) are all gona be buggin out & gettin real social like & daily session's @ the pool will be on. Theres even 3 phase power sockets ta power up ya soundsystem , run a small fridge , to whip up some cream & blow dry ya hair ha ha etc etc !!

And when the QLDC put the lights at the new QT park & bowl ya'll be carve'n lines all night long, an it'll be even more of a reason for Wanaka Skate park to get some much needed lights sign it !! an help the Wanaka BMX & Sk8 fellaz get some lights also !!!

One real cool thing about this bowl is its back a bit from the new tranyless (the mini 2 ft 1/4 don't count realy ) street plaza park thing ( go ride real street sometime ha ha ) I must make a point here that i'm not wanting to sound ungreatful at all but a 6-9 ft 1/4 would have kicked ass , are ya with me ?? Also the new QT bowl is gonna be well safe as i don't think many little kids will be cuttin ya off in it aye not when they can roll & shred the street course aye (time will tell tho) it'll be back ta the good ol days were everybody just waits for there turn & no SNAKING !!

Like alot of sk8 parks were kids just roll around completly oblivious to the older users lines this new bowl should be sweet ha ha Lowell & i both nearly took out some little tikes on bikes in Atown on Sunday ! When ride'n ya lines & watching out for kids , sometimes ya can't do both ! the little dudes hadn't been taught any park (common) sense at all , even there parents didn't even seem to care as certain death loomed in the sky's , sometimes you just gotta talk to them parents an let 'em kno what up , before they try an beat ya up wit a broom stick for hurtin their little angels ha ha !! Dam i got 2 kids under 4 an they kno what up at a skate park !! kinda ha ha

SIGN THE PETITION please !!! An let there be light at WANAKA SKATE PARK !!

thank you !! go do sumthang like ....... ride ya bike or a nice pony !!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wanaka Skate Park - light's needed petition !!

Wanaka town & Fu ha ha !!

the Bowls , sick view & a local twin stylin !

Sion Rodgers , while visiting from Wales , get's flat as F#*K , dusky evening sesh !

Alrighty then everybody talks about it an nuthing gets done about it !!! same shit everywhere you chose to live !! Well i started the petition , most of the facts are there , this is phase one of the lobbying of the Q.L.D.C. to provide lights , read it , here's the link & sign it please

I'll be sending the link to this petition to both the Queenstown & Wanaka office's of the Q.L.D.C. oh an if ya don't kno Q.L.D.C. is Queenstown Lakes District Council the governing body around here that's loaded , so realy there's no reason why they can't provide lights @ wanaka's sk8 park so ya can enjoy a ride late at night if ya can't sleep , no matter what ya roll'in on !

I'll be keep'in ya all updated as this issue progresses !!! Peace

Sign it , then go dig !!

Monday, August 25, 2008

what's goin on !!!

dig trails!

PA WOODS save them woods !

catty woods from janis on Vimeo.

To world trail news , the local's @ Catty (PA WOODS) are on a mission of mercy to save their amazing trails from basicly getting destroyed due to insurance & legal mumbo jumbo. There's a big comp planned to help raise $$$ & let the world see just what this set of trails is all about (Red Bull my get involved also) so i'd expect there'll be some the big names from the jumpin scene to be involved & some insane tech shit gettin thrown down (stunts & trix etc) ha ha

There working on a full length doco about the trails @ Catty , check out for more info & if ya can help in some way let Chris Janis know, were a long way from Penn state that's for sure but the worlds a small place these days, if ya know what i mean. Also check out for updates on the progess of legal issues & heaps of cool as funny as photo's!

So let's all join hands an pray to the gods of dirt that these god dam insanely amazing trails stay put & get the global (local ) respect they deserve !!! Dam these boys dig hard , RESPECT !! good luck with all the dramas , an save those dam trails yeah ha !! Even if i never get to ride them i still just like the thought that they are there , it helps ya get threw winter diggin just being able to watch & be inspired to dig harder , bigger & faster....... roll on summer !!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dunedin Skate Park to be destroyed ! blow up ya car.

Dunedin's skateboarding facility ! See ya ! Out with the old bring on the new one, or the DCC will be in the shit !! Power to the people man !! Revolt & fight for a new park , before they flatten this one !!!

Most of the locals in Dunedin know about the $34 million ( the DCC are puttin in about 35% of this cost & Land Transport 65% ) harbourside project they plan to start in Dudz later this year (Call Don Hill @ DCC 03 4774000 for date & more info, i've been waitin since yesterday for him to return my call ! SLACKER !) most also know it also means good bye to the park WTF , shit i remember when we all formed the Dunedin Bike, Board & Blade Trust an i had to speak about "the child's right to play in their environments" straight outa the UN guidlines, they passed the by law banning sk8'n down & around George st , the octagon & the exchange , that's when all the lobbyin started for a new park , that was back in 2000 , i hope this harbourside deveolpment plan also means they are building a new park , the DCC better be payin for the new park , the checky buggers , the community did the fundraising years ago & that's partly how the Thomas Burns Park got built !! So who's designing it & building it ??? Is a new location been found yet or provided by the DCC , If anyone know's hola back !
Either way i hope they do it right & know what their doing , as what's there right now is fun but not sick , fine for sk8'in but average for BMX's dont get me wrong i don't wana waste time with the whole sk8 park & bmx politics , & i don't want to sound all ungreatfull at all , i just think it's time Sk8'z & BMX'z got together an design & build a sick new park with big bowls ,little bowls , hips ,1/4's ,1/2's , full pipe's ha ha that would be sweet along with all the uther fun stuff ya want ta sk8 & ride on!!
this was in the ODT back in april it say's alot about how sneaky & deceiptful the DCC are
check the search engine @
here's a article about the harbourside project , an surprise no mention about the park or plan's to relocate it
I just hope the DCC / Skate Club allows some BMX input in when it comes time to design the new park , as there is a good scene in Dudz & i hope some of you BMX's down there get involved & hassel the DCC/ Skate Club to allow ya to do so , as you got to let them know what you want they ain't gona come ask ya know are they !! make ya scene grow. So pop in to CHEAPSKATES (Dunedin obviously) an have a chat to Seth , i just got of the phone with him , an it sounds like the council are starting to take the Sk8'z serious , as they got sick of the DCC's slackin & reached out to the DCC first , & have been havin a few fundraising sk8 jams & events at the park !! As well as a petition !! Good luck with it all I hope the DCC don't blow it for ya all !! And build a new park first , then destroy the old !! I hope William van der Vliet has a fast recovery , get well soon & keep up the good work !! RESPECT !!

There's still a few good spot's to ride like the BLOOD pit mmm sounds inviting aye ha ha (mornington bowl) is still there an not under any threat , it's just threatining ya when ya ride it ha ha , fAIRfield' s ramps are still there just covered with alloy sheet & the coaping's on steriods , is that how ya spell coaping ? Mosgiel has a couple of ramps still i think & even a CRAZY small sk8 (rink) park, kinda like that one in iceland Garret shred's in T-1's "get what ya get". The St Clair vert ramp is long gone , i saw the Bones brigade at that ramp back in 89 i think it was , Abottsford also has a mini ramp (still ?) & a skool that's fun an if ya mish down the road a bit Milton has a sweet park no bowls at all just some big ass wide 1/4's at 2 ends of the park........... if ya want trails talk to Henry D about that topic an see what your chances are like at getting involved at Stony Hills , don't tresspass if ya find them , show some respect or else , well ya just don't wana find out ! I love it how i always manage to get back to dig'n , go find a shovel & yep DIG !!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jared's a badass (lip slapper) !! RESPECT !!

get the level out haha fresh phat lip !! Jared has skills OH YEAH !!!

Dammo (playstation ha ha) blast'in a cancan over the fresh red gold goodness !!! there's room for a tent here to.

Thornliegh park , just Jared sendin it !!! i'm fly'in over next winter fa sure !! i even left tools at Jared's , can i pitch a tent at ya trails ?

God dam Jared's abit of a handy man with that shovel !! ya live ta dig & ride ya beast , ya trails are lookin dope !! I just had to run (steal from more pic's at the trails of Rhysty & Jared liv'in it up , an they got some nice pretty parts for your ride if ya want to buy some) a few of these shot's , Jared's trails are soo mint man he's a perfectionist RESPECT !! his old trails (RIP) were sick they scared & confused me the first time i rode them ha ha there were so many fun lines. Jared's new trails are lookin next level but at someutherlevel again mmmm......... it's good ta see some of the old Gully rd trails (RIP?) crew are still digg'in & helpin out ,not ta mention sendin it , nice one Dammo, do ya still get playstation thrown at ya ha ha !!! catch ya next year sometime maybe, this is how trails are ment ta be bad ass , phat , dirty , lipy as fuck & smoother than a hot sexy girl's brazilian wax job ha ha !!! go dig some dirt !! I can see Jared dig's it .

Wanaka Jump Park Update 4- pump track

Wanaka's new pump ya brains out track.... mmm looks a fun way ta get FIT fa summer.

a few rollers ta roll around on & ta pump hard on .... mmmmm pump'n.

berm ta berm transfers , gona have ta pump it hard for that oohhh pump'in

dirt spine or berm. Ride it how ya want , it's a public park.

these shots are a few days old as now it's lookin much smoother & faster since it's been opened to the public ta help pack it in (LWCI sent a email at to all members on it's mailin list say'in so) , I ain't rolled it yet , i'll wait till it's well hard as i like it hard ha ha there's some fun berm transfers ta play with & the big end berm will be nice once the backside packs (slap'in helps) ta sesh as a dirt spine, gona have ta help it pack i think, i just hope the builders have put some drainage in aye, as puddles do over flow when it rains. I didn't see any drainage pipes any where tho ??? maybe they forgot about drainage... whoops. Kids just love riding thru puddles that we all know.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

cold as ice ramdomness

wanaka's chillin 15th August 2008

this cover say's it all , such a ground breakin mag in it's day !! were it all began for me.

more funny signs @ wanaka trik park , there everywhere an this is the expert pro line OK ! I'm serious Experts only !! where is the pointy stuff ??

the intermidiate line but you'll have to become an expert to get thru ?? these jumps have eyes man , there watchin us..... waitin ... then they move at the last second causin ya to eat it hard ?

trail RAGE suckaz !!! look out ha ha !! what a freak show !!

yep it's been snowing a bit as always , so dig'in is going good at our woods trails.... the pug (the dirt were using) is soft as like my ......... ok nuff stupidity go have a nose at ya might get lucky "how to build a dirt jump" ha ha funny dumb shit ,don't put yaself thru it i didn't , well only a couple of seconds , na true it's the best guide it might help some of ya ha ha !!

Wanaka Jump Park update 3 ..... they're hav'in a EXXTREME laugh !!! OK Rupert !

black diamond "expert " line WTF... I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS B4 !! HA HA & i think the signs are some kind of safty guide so kids don't just send it & eat dirt fa lunch !! fancy a snak mmm ol "DIRT"- with a lasting crunch that's so sure to inflict pain !!

blue rectangle " intermediate" line that turns into a "Expert line" ?? or maybe i read the signs wrong ha ha the sign i've seen the sign !! So are were doomed to confusion ??

Ohh yeahh exxxtreme ( say it like WWF's Macho Man Randy Savage) close up of the funnest shit I've ever seen at a PUBLIC jump park !! Period !!
Wanaka's setting the safty standard for ohh yeahh exxxtreme sports ha ha !! Where's the pointy stuff ha ha , Dirt jumps are only as safe as the builders & riders are that hit them !! The E word , such a stupid word really !!

This "EXXXTREME EXPERT" line is wierd , it starts off big & gets smaller (abit backwards guys, you can roll it backwards if ya a exxxtreme expert tho, serious man), wierd local mtb idea of Rhythm , idea based on a backyard cowboy line i think ,maybe i should try it out it before i knock it , it might just flow ?

spiffingly new sign , wow there's even a viewing area ( but were are the grandstand seats? $50k would've had that covered) made for ya to watch all the sick insane stunts get'in thrown down ,on this ground breaking new expert course?? there's even room for a game a volleyball,tennis or my fav Touch mmm touching peeps is fun ha ha !!! , I'm confused all ready!!! must be all those little signs doin it to me ha ha !!

So what ever happened to the ace of spades man !!! Or the Phantom digger !! Well then while out walkin me Dog this morning , i spied with my little beady eye's some funny little signs that are all over the jumps ha ha what are they upto ha ha as they will not last long , i kno i want a souvenir or 2 ha ha . Either the QLDC or LWCI or both are a bit worried some ones gona get seriously hurt ( i'm sure some injury's will happen , just lookin at the layout there is so many blind spots & trees ta hug , but that's jumping for ya , i'll be up fo some check spreadin action ? ).The little signs are a bit stupid really , come on REALLY !!

Well it is $50,000 ( a bit of that $$$ is tax $$) ( 4 people @ $30 a hour , pro rates but wheres the pro job ?) worth of a jump park & the first of it's kind in the country ? well it's got a x-country track going around it ,a pump track ta get pumped on , an has some wooden mtb stuff to come maybe , who rwaly kno's ?? , but the whole place has a few safty issues like no view's of the lines (all except the basin area) so if someone goes down ya gona hit'em , roll'em or hop 'em ha ha & the x-country track runs way to close to the end of the big (expert & intermidate) lines last landings run out , a easy way ta slam into a X country biker fa sure !! if they realy wanted a reason for more backpacking travellin riders to come to town they've got it now, an with these guy's building the soon to come Hawea pump track etc etc there's gona be some realy extreme funny shit going down & more funny little sign's fa sure ha ha !!! dam there's mos def some DOPE trails in NZ an there either illegal or legal but safty is always a first, if ya can't see what's going on down the lines in a public jump park from the roll in there's gona be major problems !!( as loads of kids & adults will have ta learn to get up fast if they slam or they'll hurt even more) (RESPECT ta the real trail Diggers out there, keep that shit underground). I just can't stop laughing at te funny wee signs , it's SO funny ! i never seen that before !!!

Classsick old skol shit & wierd winter wackos !!

motoheds look out for this kinky freak @ ya trails pukin beans & ........ ?

Backyard Jam Box Set Trailer from streetphire on Vimeo.

loads a cool old fun times run in my mind watchin this trailer , i miss my old chrome 88 haro sport , were did it ever disapear to ??? a nice ol box set fa sure !!! well it makes me feel like an old used piece a flesh that jus keeps going , YEAH we all be liv'in & lov'in a bit a dirty dirt !!! UK stylee ( go mad matt USA stylee ) stolen by me ( NZ scary WTF) much snow ???? all day ???? cabin fever or wantin ta ride fever ??? both maybe

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Midwestbmx crew streetwize vid !!

Spring/Summer '08 from Logan Reynolds on Vimeo.

nice wee vid from Logan !!! Midwestbmx crew rep'in it streetwize , the hop over rider is a sweet end'in n it !!! Enjoy !!! Sun is SHINING on all the snow up here or down here in wanaz !!! Go Dig it !!! Oh an be sure ta hav a nose @ as always they deliver ( i think i spelt that right )

Friday, August 8, 2008

Equal Rights @ Houston Sk8 Park Petition !

bowl overview !!

Alfaro hav'in fun !!!

the street overview

It's been built, it's the shit & bmx ain't allowed !!! Gay as F*#K !!

All right peeps i know it ain't a local issue but shit it is mos defnatily a issue that just stinks of stupidity !!! I found out about it at the T-1 site !!! Here's the link for the petition just sign it , a few of the locals in Houston started it as it's total discrimination , an how do ya tell a young kid " no bikes allowed , go get a sk8 board" the kid replys " i don't wana sk8 , i got my wheels right here " how is that fair !!! So when ya do go on that mean travellin mish ya won't get bumbed about not being allowed ta ride yet another amazing brand new park that has banned bikes !!!

I'm sure some of ya will think "we'll isn't it dangerous for bikes to be in a park with sk8ters", well of course not , if ya use ya eyes & ain't a dumb ass it's fine. An also when ya bail off ya bike it stops dead pretty much , But sk8 boards are like missiles blastin thru the air after ya bail of one , ouch board in the throat or face any one !! ha ha but were getting away from the issue here, i roll on a sk8 every now an then & have total respect for every body in a park !!! Except the dumb ass's that say stupid shit, ya kno what i'm say'in right , good !

This ongoing global issue is one of the main reasons behind all the anti sk8/anti biker politics oh an that stupid artical Thrasher magazine ran a few years back !! BMX Jihad ha what ever , by the time Thrasher apologised it was too late , lets hope the kids now look at the big pitcure !!!! We all have one thing in common YEP that we all just wana have fun no matter how we roll !!! Peace not war !!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Empire of Dirt 08 - VERY LARGE & FUN TIMES !!

Dane Searls , dirty ol x up !!! photo stolen from ridebmx by natrualbmx then backbone bmx stole it of natrual bmx & i stole it of backbone bmx an now i've got it !! ha , so who's next ta steal it ha ha ha !!!

More BMX Videos >>

you don't want more just yet buddy , watch this first man !!

We all kno who won it , C.B. aye !! an ya might have even seen this dam vid , i like this one so enjoy !!! Good shit Dane Seals (ha ha good one Scott), you always went big & tech @ Gully trails (R.I.P.) Berowra , 3rd place !!! YEAH BOY !!! Wait a minute who got 2nd ?? Go the Forte boy's & everybody involved in makin this event happen !!! Maybe soon NZ's 20" trail heads can pull something of this scale off , it's not impossible !!!! RESPECT ta all the REAL trail diggers out there , where eva ya are !!! Go Dig & make trails !! be sure ya ta have a nosey around at & lots of mad Ozzie action ta steal ha ha !!! PEACE & LOVE ! OK !! love thy neighbour , remember ??


Wow it's a ..... this lil one ain't giv'in nuthang away !!!

What a place to grow up !!! Lake Wanaka & Mts.

I thought i'd share this with ya all as life is all good !!! Yep baby numba 3 will be here for christmass , just had the first scan an 'chelle ( my lady ) wanted to find out the sex of this lil one but this kid wasn't leting any secrets out ha ha !! The scan lasted 6 mins & this wee fela ( yep i think it's a boy) kept it's legs crossed the whole time ha ha ha !!! Enjoy life ya only got one shot at it !!! dig trails !!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sergio's Dirt !!

Sergio Layos riding his trails from Urbankat on Vimeo.

Nice vid from Sergio of him blastin around his yard's trails , nice work to everyone who helped build these trails !! inner city dirt ta roll , I'd be pitching a tent , firing up d BBQ & that hummer thang will have some nice phat beats blastin for sure !!! Enjoy dirt daily OK !

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wanaka SK8 Park Extensions Fundraising & Committee formed !!

Greg Barnes jamin his foot -wanaka park -photo James K

Sick view's & 1 of the Twins rippin it up !! wanaka park - photo James K

James Keane lookin @ d camera ha ha - wanaka park-photo ??

Sion Rodgers nose'in it sunny styles - wanaka park -photo James K

Pete Cooper get'in ol flat an that - wanaka park - photo James K

Yep it's all startin to happen for the extensions at the local wanaka concrete playground with the forming of the Wanaka Sk8 Club/Park Committee , a website for all this is under construction cheers ta Hayley @ "the good room" , here's the d link .I don't think there's mush at the site just yet tho, but have a look cos i hav'nt, may be i should....yep nuthing there yet , it just tells ya it's coming , i'll find out when it'll be finished.

A nice amount of cash has been allocated by the QLDC for seeding & design work for the extensions , so expect some nice new bowls , may be a nice snake run ??? & loads of uther fun stuff you'd expect ta find at a DOPE park !!! I'm not sure were i fit in but i guess i'm on the committee i don't deserve to be tho as never make the meetings ha ha please forgive i digger mon !! so there's LOADS of fundraising to do now ta make the extensions happen !!! With a Sk8 jam happining today (3rd Aug) $2 entry & a much bigger Sk8 & BMX Jam/comp planned for the 27 september so as soon as more details are known i'll be sure to let ya all kno 'bout it !!!

If ya wana send a donation for the Park send ta : trubmx P.O. Box 784 WANAKA 9343 NEW ZEALAND an make those cheques out to " WANAKA SKATE CLUB" so please send all ya $$$$$ now ha ha ha !!! Cheers ta everybody involved in this project & big up's ta Eddie Spearing (president of d club) this man get's shit done & rips down hill on a board faster than ya MAMA , i think Eddie's ranked some where in the worlds top 5 fastest after the Newton's Playground" event @ Bathurst this year.