Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Empire of Dirt 08 - VERY LARGE & FUN TIMES !!

Dane Searls , dirty ol x up !!! photo stolen from ridebmx by natrualbmx then backbone bmx stole it of natrual bmx & i stole it of backbone bmx an now i've got it !! ha , so who's next ta steal it ha ha ha !!!

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you don't want more just yet buddy , watch this first man !!

We all kno who won it , C.B. aye !! an ya might have even seen this dam vid , i like this one so enjoy !!! Good shit Dane Seals (ha ha good one Scott), you always went big & tech @ Gully trails (R.I.P.) Berowra , 3rd place !!! YEAH BOY !!! Wait a minute who got 2nd ?? Go the Forte boy's & everybody involved in makin this event happen !!! Maybe soon NZ's 20" trail heads can pull something of this scale off , it's not impossible !!!! RESPECT ta all the REAL trail diggers out there , where eva ya are !!! Go Dig & make trails !! be sure ya ta have a nosey around at http://www.natrualbmx.com/ & http://www.backbonebmx.com/ lots of mad Ozzie action ta steal ha ha !!! PEACE & LOVE ! OK !! love thy neighbour , remember ??

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