Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dunedin Skate Park to be destroyed ! blow up ya car.

Dunedin's skateboarding facility ! See ya ! Out with the old bring on the new one, or the DCC will be in the shit !! Power to the people man !! Revolt & fight for a new park , before they flatten this one !!!

Most of the locals in Dunedin know about the $34 million ( the DCC are puttin in about 35% of this cost & Land Transport 65% ) harbourside project they plan to start in Dudz later this year (Call Don Hill @ DCC 03 4774000 for date & more info, i've been waitin since yesterday for him to return my call ! SLACKER !) most also know it also means good bye to the park WTF , shit i remember when we all formed the Dunedin Bike, Board & Blade Trust an i had to speak about "the child's right to play in their environments" straight outa the UN guidlines, they passed the by law banning sk8'n down & around George st , the octagon & the exchange , that's when all the lobbyin started for a new park , that was back in 2000 , i hope this harbourside deveolpment plan also means they are building a new park , the DCC better be payin for the new park , the checky buggers , the community did the fundraising years ago & that's partly how the Thomas Burns Park got built !! So who's designing it & building it ??? Is a new location been found yet or provided by the DCC , If anyone know's hola back !
Either way i hope they do it right & know what their doing , as what's there right now is fun but not sick , fine for sk8'in but average for BMX's dont get me wrong i don't wana waste time with the whole sk8 park & bmx politics , & i don't want to sound all ungreatfull at all , i just think it's time Sk8'z & BMX'z got together an design & build a sick new park with big bowls ,little bowls , hips ,1/4's ,1/2's , full pipe's ha ha that would be sweet along with all the uther fun stuff ya want ta sk8 & ride on!!
this was in the ODT back in april it say's alot about how sneaky & deceiptful the DCC are
check the search engine @
here's a article about the harbourside project , an surprise no mention about the park or plan's to relocate it
I just hope the DCC / Skate Club allows some BMX input in when it comes time to design the new park , as there is a good scene in Dudz & i hope some of you BMX's down there get involved & hassel the DCC/ Skate Club to allow ya to do so , as you got to let them know what you want they ain't gona come ask ya know are they !! make ya scene grow. So pop in to CHEAPSKATES (Dunedin obviously) an have a chat to Seth , i just got of the phone with him , an it sounds like the council are starting to take the Sk8'z serious , as they got sick of the DCC's slackin & reached out to the DCC first , & have been havin a few fundraising sk8 jams & events at the park !! As well as a petition !! Good luck with it all I hope the DCC don't blow it for ya all !! And build a new park first , then destroy the old !! I hope William van der Vliet has a fast recovery , get well soon & keep up the good work !! RESPECT !!

There's still a few good spot's to ride like the BLOOD pit mmm sounds inviting aye ha ha (mornington bowl) is still there an not under any threat , it's just threatining ya when ya ride it ha ha , fAIRfield' s ramps are still there just covered with alloy sheet & the coaping's on steriods , is that how ya spell coaping ? Mosgiel has a couple of ramps still i think & even a CRAZY small sk8 (rink) park, kinda like that one in iceland Garret shred's in T-1's "get what ya get". The St Clair vert ramp is long gone , i saw the Bones brigade at that ramp back in 89 i think it was , Abottsford also has a mini ramp (still ?) & a skool that's fun an if ya mish down the road a bit Milton has a sweet park no bowls at all just some big ass wide 1/4's at 2 ends of the park........... if ya want trails talk to Henry D about that topic an see what your chances are like at getting involved at Stony Hills , don't tresspass if ya find them , show some respect or else , well ya just don't wana find out ! I love it how i always manage to get back to dig'n , go find a shovel & yep DIG !!

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