Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wanaka Jump Park update 3 ..... they're hav'in a EXXTREME laugh !!! OK Rupert !

black diamond "expert " line WTF... I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS B4 !! HA HA & i think the signs are some kind of safty guide so kids don't just send it & eat dirt fa lunch !! fancy a snak mmm ol "DIRT"- with a lasting crunch that's so sure to inflict pain !!

blue rectangle " intermediate" line that turns into a "Expert line" ?? or maybe i read the signs wrong ha ha the sign i've seen the sign !! So are were doomed to confusion ??

Ohh yeahh exxxtreme ( say it like WWF's Macho Man Randy Savage) close up of the funnest shit I've ever seen at a PUBLIC jump park !! Period !!
Wanaka's setting the safty standard for ohh yeahh exxxtreme sports ha ha !! Where's the pointy stuff ha ha , Dirt jumps are only as safe as the builders & riders are that hit them !! The E word , such a stupid word really !!

This "EXXXTREME EXPERT" line is wierd , it starts off big & gets smaller (abit backwards guys, you can roll it backwards if ya a exxxtreme expert tho, serious man), wierd local mtb idea of Rhythm , idea based on a backyard cowboy line i think ,maybe i should try it out it before i knock it , it might just flow ?

spiffingly new sign , wow there's even a viewing area ( but were are the grandstand seats? $50k would've had that covered) made for ya to watch all the sick insane stunts get'in thrown down ,on this ground breaking new expert course?? there's even room for a game a volleyball,tennis or my fav Touch mmm touching peeps is fun ha ha !!! , I'm confused all ready!!! must be all those little signs doin it to me ha ha !!

So what ever happened to the ace of spades man !!! Or the Phantom digger !! Well then while out walkin me Dog this morning , i spied with my little beady eye's some funny little signs that are all over the jumps ha ha what are they upto ha ha as they will not last long , i kno i want a souvenir or 2 ha ha . Either the QLDC or LWCI or both are a bit worried some ones gona get seriously hurt ( i'm sure some injury's will happen , just lookin at the layout there is so many blind spots & trees ta hug , but that's jumping for ya , i'll be up fo some check spreadin action ? ).The little signs are a bit stupid really , come on REALLY !!

Well it is $50,000 ( a bit of that $$$ is tax $$) ( 4 people @ $30 a hour , pro rates but wheres the pro job ?) worth of a jump park & the first of it's kind in the country ? well it's got a x-country track going around it ,a pump track ta get pumped on , an has some wooden mtb stuff to come maybe , who rwaly kno's ?? , but the whole place has a few safty issues like no view's of the lines (all except the basin area) so if someone goes down ya gona hit'em , roll'em or hop 'em ha ha & the x-country track runs way to close to the end of the big (expert & intermidate) lines last landings run out , a easy way ta slam into a X country biker fa sure !! if they realy wanted a reason for more backpacking travellin riders to come to town they've got it now, an with these guy's building the soon to come Hawea pump track etc etc there's gona be some realy extreme funny shit going down & more funny little sign's fa sure ha ha !!! dam there's mos def some DOPE trails in NZ an there either illegal or legal but safty is always a first, if ya can't see what's going on down the lines in a public jump park from the roll in there's gona be major problems !!( as loads of kids & adults will have ta learn to get up fast if they slam or they'll hurt even more) (RESPECT ta the real trail Diggers out there, keep that shit underground). I just can't stop laughing at te funny wee signs , it's SO funny ! i never seen that before !!!

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