Monday, August 25, 2008

PA WOODS save them woods !

catty woods from janis on Vimeo.

To world trail news , the local's @ Catty (PA WOODS) are on a mission of mercy to save their amazing trails from basicly getting destroyed due to insurance & legal mumbo jumbo. There's a big comp planned to help raise $$$ & let the world see just what this set of trails is all about (Red Bull my get involved also) so i'd expect there'll be some the big names from the jumpin scene to be involved & some insane tech shit gettin thrown down (stunts & trix etc) ha ha

There working on a full length doco about the trails @ Catty , check out for more info & if ya can help in some way let Chris Janis know, were a long way from Penn state that's for sure but the worlds a small place these days, if ya know what i mean. Also check out for updates on the progess of legal issues & heaps of cool as funny as photo's!

So let's all join hands an pray to the gods of dirt that these god dam insanely amazing trails stay put & get the global (local ) respect they deserve !!! Dam these boys dig hard , RESPECT !! good luck with all the dramas , an save those dam trails yeah ha !! Even if i never get to ride them i still just like the thought that they are there , it helps ya get threw winter diggin just being able to watch & be inspired to dig harder , bigger & faster....... roll on summer !!

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