Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wanaka Skate Park - light's needed petition !!

Wanaka town & Fu ha ha !!

the Bowls , sick view & a local twin stylin !

Sion Rodgers , while visiting from Wales , get's flat as F#*K , dusky evening sesh !

Alrighty then everybody talks about it an nuthing gets done about it !!! same shit everywhere you chose to live !! Well i started the petition , most of the facts are there , this is phase one of the lobbying of the Q.L.D.C. to provide lights , read it , here's the link & sign it please

I'll be sending the link to this petition to both the Queenstown & Wanaka office's of the Q.L.D.C. oh an if ya don't kno Q.L.D.C. is Queenstown Lakes District Council the governing body around here that's loaded , so realy there's no reason why they can't provide lights @ wanaka's sk8 park so ya can enjoy a ride late at night if ya can't sleep , no matter what ya roll'in on !

I'll be keep'in ya all updated as this issue progresses !!! Peace

Sign it , then go dig !!

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