Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wanaka SK8 Park Extensions Fundraising & Committee formed !!

Greg Barnes jamin his foot -wanaka park -photo James K

Sick view's & 1 of the Twins rippin it up !! wanaka park - photo James K

James Keane lookin @ d camera ha ha - wanaka park-photo ??

Sion Rodgers nose'in it sunny styles - wanaka park -photo James K

Pete Cooper get'in ol flat an that - wanaka park - photo James K

Yep it's all startin to happen for the extensions at the local wanaka concrete playground with the forming of the Wanaka Sk8 Club/Park Committee , a website for all this is under construction cheers ta Hayley @ "the good room" , here's the d link .I don't think there's mush at the site just yet tho, but have a look cos i hav'nt, may be i should....yep nuthing there yet , it just tells ya it's coming , i'll find out when it'll be finished.

A nice amount of cash has been allocated by the QLDC for seeding & design work for the extensions , so expect some nice new bowls , may be a nice snake run ??? & loads of uther fun stuff you'd expect ta find at a DOPE park !!! I'm not sure were i fit in but i guess i'm on the committee i don't deserve to be tho as never make the meetings ha ha please forgive i digger mon !! so there's LOADS of fundraising to do now ta make the extensions happen !!! With a Sk8 jam happining today (3rd Aug) $2 entry & a much bigger Sk8 & BMX Jam/comp planned for the 27 september so as soon as more details are known i'll be sure to let ya all kno 'bout it !!!

If ya wana send a donation for the Park send ta : trubmx P.O. Box 784 WANAKA 9343 NEW ZEALAND an make those cheques out to " WANAKA SKATE CLUB" so please send all ya $$$$$ now ha ha ha !!! Cheers ta everybody involved in this project & big up's ta Eddie Spearing (president of d club) this man get's shit done & rips down hill on a board faster than ya MAMA , i think Eddie's ranked some where in the worlds top 5 fastest after the Newton's Playground" event @ Bathurst this year.

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