Thursday, August 14, 2008

cold as ice ramdomness

wanaka's chillin 15th August 2008

this cover say's it all , such a ground breakin mag in it's day !! were it all began for me.

more funny signs @ wanaka trik park , there everywhere an this is the expert pro line OK ! I'm serious Experts only !! where is the pointy stuff ??

the intermidiate line but you'll have to become an expert to get thru ?? these jumps have eyes man , there watchin us..... waitin ... then they move at the last second causin ya to eat it hard ?

trail RAGE suckaz !!! look out ha ha !! what a freak show !!

yep it's been snowing a bit as always , so dig'in is going good at our woods trails.... the pug (the dirt were using) is soft as like my ......... ok nuff stupidity go have a nose at ya might get lucky "how to build a dirt jump" ha ha funny dumb shit ,don't put yaself thru it i didn't , well only a couple of seconds , na true it's the best guide it might help some of ya ha ha !!

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