Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanaka Jump Park Update 4- pump track

Wanaka's new pump ya brains out track.... mmm looks a fun way ta get FIT fa summer.

a few rollers ta roll around on & ta pump hard on .... mmmmm pump'n.

berm ta berm transfers , gona have ta pump it hard for that oohhh pump'in

dirt spine or berm. Ride it how ya want , it's a public park.

these shots are a few days old as now it's lookin much smoother & faster since it's been opened to the public ta help pack it in (LWCI sent a email at to all members on it's mailin list say'in so) , I ain't rolled it yet , i'll wait till it's well hard as i like it hard ha ha there's some fun berm transfers ta play with & the big end berm will be nice once the backside packs (slap'in helps) ta sesh as a dirt spine, gona have ta help it pack i think, i just hope the builders have put some drainage in aye, as puddles do over flow when it rains. I didn't see any drainage pipes any where tho ??? maybe they forgot about drainage... whoops. Kids just love riding thru puddles that we all know.

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