Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jared's a badass (lip slapper) !! RESPECT !!

get the level out haha fresh phat lip !! Jared has skills OH YEAH !!!

Dammo (playstation ha ha) blast'in a cancan over the fresh red gold goodness !!! there's room for a tent here to.

Thornliegh park , just Jared sendin it !!! i'm fly'in over next winter fa sure !! i even left tools at Jared's , can i pitch a tent at ya trails ?

God dam Jared's abit of a handy man with that shovel !! ya live ta dig & ride ya beast , ya trails are lookin dope !! I just had to run (steal from more pic's at the trails of Rhysty & Jared liv'in it up , an they got some nice pretty parts for your ride if ya want to buy some) a few of these shot's , Jared's trails are soo mint man he's a perfectionist RESPECT !! his old trails (RIP) were sick they scared & confused me the first time i rode them ha ha there were so many fun lines. Jared's new trails are lookin next level but at someutherlevel again mmmm......... it's good ta see some of the old Gully rd trails (RIP?) crew are still digg'in & helpin out ,not ta mention sendin it , nice one Dammo, do ya still get playstation thrown at ya ha ha !!! catch ya next year sometime maybe, this is how trails are ment ta be bad ass , phat , dirty , lipy as fuck & smoother than a hot sexy girl's brazilian wax job ha ha !!! go dig some dirt !! I can see Jared dig's it .

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