Saturday, August 30, 2008

Queenstown Bowl update 2 !

mm what's this , the small end big enough to stir fry ya in !! woke 'ed

topside view ! obviously look'in back at the small end, nice trany's !!

look'in into the big end !! bad ass !! lil bit a vert eh !! Check top right of this photo yep it's a man peepin it help to give ya an idea of the size of the pool !

the man behind this mean as pool kno's how to do a real awsome job ,if it's as smooth as the concrete in the streety park thang this pool is gona soo smooth an fun to ride ! An when the lights get set up , night time sessions will be so on !!

This is gonna be one hell of a fun bowl/pool to play in !! No coping true pool stylee OH Yeah blue tiles fa miles i hope just like Bondi & the Bra bowls (thier in Sydney fools). I don't kno about the tiles aye but i know one thing the QT 20" crew ( SOCIAL BMX ) are all gona be buggin out & gettin real social like & daily session's @ the pool will be on. Theres even 3 phase power sockets ta power up ya soundsystem , run a small fridge , to whip up some cream & blow dry ya hair ha ha etc etc !!

And when the QLDC put the lights at the new QT park & bowl ya'll be carve'n lines all night long, an it'll be even more of a reason for Wanaka Skate park to get some much needed lights sign it !! an help the Wanaka BMX & Sk8 fellaz get some lights also !!!

One real cool thing about this bowl is its back a bit from the new tranyless (the mini 2 ft 1/4 don't count realy ) street plaza park thing ( go ride real street sometime ha ha ) I must make a point here that i'm not wanting to sound ungreatful at all but a 6-9 ft 1/4 would have kicked ass , are ya with me ?? Also the new QT bowl is gonna be well safe as i don't think many little kids will be cuttin ya off in it aye not when they can roll & shred the street course aye (time will tell tho) it'll be back ta the good ol days were everybody just waits for there turn & no SNAKING !!

Like alot of sk8 parks were kids just roll around completly oblivious to the older users lines this new bowl should be sweet ha ha Lowell & i both nearly took out some little tikes on bikes in Atown on Sunday ! When ride'n ya lines & watching out for kids , sometimes ya can't do both ! the little dudes hadn't been taught any park (common) sense at all , even there parents didn't even seem to care as certain death loomed in the sky's , sometimes you just gotta talk to them parents an let 'em kno what up , before they try an beat ya up wit a broom stick for hurtin their little angels ha ha !! Dam i got 2 kids under 4 an they kno what up at a skate park !! kinda ha ha

SIGN THE PETITION please !!! An let there be light at WANAKA SKATE PARK !!

thank you !! go do sumthang like ....... ride ya bike or a nice pony !!

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