Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Matty @ Eastside, that's a large hip! Hit d pic to blow it up! Check out Rick Crossman's goods! Dig trails

SFA Trail Jam footy...

JJ's been doin sweet fuck all but he did hit me with a little footy from the SFABMX trail jam, half naked boy's riding kids bikes, metalica, but no mullets to be seen? Some local grommies filmed it & made a vid, Stef's got another in the works i hear! DIG TRAILS & get those kicks dirty!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rebellyell 8 - get ya hands on a copy!

the new Rebelyell is out, Revolutionnz just got it & it's loaded full of dope radness for ya minds eye to get psyched on , so get hands on & get shit happining in ya scene slackers! NO MORE BITCH"IN! Check the review @ FatBMX ! This issue covers things like the BMX games, Nick Hills, Ozzie Russ, Self Sufficiency, rad pics, pics, pics & it even has some words Mikey & I wrote 'bout the 1st annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon" that i put on in Tim Hales memory along with some dope shots T.P. took from the day.
So don't forget every year we'll be remebering the late great kiwi shredder Tim Hales by having a sweet day of ripping around Wanaka Skate/BMX Park & all the cash raised goes towards the new extentions, the 2nd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon" will be happining early December 09 sometime...so stay tuned man, oh yes there's adope shot of J-Rod kink'in it side ways on the back cover at his dope trails in.......yeah right i'm not tell'in you were! Hit Natrual BMX for more & dig trails... then you'll understand why trails are kept dam secret! Dig on diggers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wanaka Sk8 BMX Park

start look'in for lines, this is what's get'in built over the next couple a years! Hit it for a big view!

It's all starting to come together for the extentions here at the local concrete hang out, We had a club meeting last night an kinda almost finalised the plans, check d pic above, so basicly it's just a matter of putting in the last bit a street stuff in.......agree on it....then send it off to Jason Parks & Iain Young to do the final plan.....then it's of to the QLDC & a few other trusts for some extra funding! I'll keep ya all upto date as i'm good like that haha ya can check these for updates Wanaka Skate Club & Wanaka Skate Club (facebook)

So along with all that said theres gona be a few parties to help raise $$$, Sk8 Jams, BMX Jams & a few SK8/BMX Jams........ the next trubmx "Build The Park Jam" is happening on the 23 May that's locked in date wise, i'm just wait'in to hear back from a few possible sponsers ie prizes, so i should have the flier up in a week! If anyone's keen to get involved sponser wise hola back by 1st May. Ride on!........ are you involved?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Robbo, Villj roast'in

this is to good not to put up, gotta get my filthy hands on " up in smoke" oh yes! Yeah get involved, it means pull finger ya slackers & either help dig or just dig! Right! Nowhere to dig?...... sort a legit spot out & dig hard thru winter! Roast'in trails sure is FUN! Ya dig.... stop bitch'in suckaz, you know trail rules...............help dig then ride!

Friday, April 17, 2009

spring runs...

not mouch going on a round here except school holidays an both parks are over flow'in with little kids with death wish's a plenty... look out haha, the 2nd "Build The Park Jam'' date has been changed to the 23rd May, A big farwell goes out to John & Mikey who have just left on their missions back home to Europe, it's been sweet hav'in them around, catch yo up next year....there's a meeting coming up next week to discuss & try get some plans for the extentions finalized, the 3 plans are in & this may take a while with the young local skater kids want'in to see more street stuff, which could mean less of the big stuff, but who knows as everyone needs to be looked after, oh an it's spring in the UK..... winter digg'in is kinda over, leaves are getting raked, new lines are being rolled...check d vid, dig trails!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

stony hills roast'in....

here's a little bita footage from a day at the hills, goodtimes & a 'lil bit a style. Henry, Hayden, JV & James, no tunes just the birds, freewheels & rubber on the dirt, big up's to all the loyal diggers at the hills...you know who u are, an a kick in the ass to those that have slacked off the diggin, get with the program.....ya know it all ways pays off......Stony Hills will always be there for ya it's legit remember, just get out there an dig......winters com'in & no doubt we'll be get'in some new lines in at Stony to shred next summer! Big thanks to John Wells for the footage, i dribble some shit don't i, nuff said ...Dig trails!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yo Janis cheers man!

Chris Janis kick'in it! D man behind all the dope PA WOODS Vids "save the woods" & "Catty Woods", if ya ain't got 'em your miss'in out! Big ups to ya man, can't wait for ya next vid, have a dope summer roast'in them trails Photo: Keith Terra (check out Terra's interview @ Deluxe BMX)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Devils bath tub

gimmie ya souls biker fools

The Mornington Bowl ie Blood Pit

Danny channel'in evil spirits. Photo: Alan Baxter

Tony t-bog'in it for d devil

John scair'in himself....wit bit a vert

Hayden air'in d channel...look out for demons! photo: Alan Baxter

went to d ol blood pit for a sesh, been a long time but still fun as! the only vert left in Dud as the old St. Clair vert ramp has been gone for ages , it was burn't down by some idiots.I caught up with dudsvile Tony one of the loyal locals at the pit, when he's not send'in himself all over the place he's buzz'in peeps ie a genius with a tattoo gun! Shit Clinton Smith ruled this pit back in the day with 10-12 foot airs man...i hear he's got a new BMX so look out! Go ride & stop read'in this evil dribble...right!

more stony daze......

roll in & kids bike........nothing but goodtimes

private property suckaz! Invite only

hands up Asher your busted! Where's ya brakes son

what's up wit ya legs John... nuth'in a vegie burger & a flagon of Emersons wont fix

Henry try'in to prune d tree's wit some rubber photo: Hayden Bell

that James guy again......roast'in still from footage: John Wells

a few more crappy unprofessional shots from a legit fun mish.........big ups to H, Hayden, JV, Shannon, Si, Nath, LB & James for all the hard work you boys have put in this year @ Stony Hills, Respect to ya! Winter is loom'in opon us all, so there wont be many more trail filled days left until summer comes around again! Thanks to the Stony locals for all the fun times had this summer! Much love & have a dope winter build'in new lines! DIG TRAILS!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stony daze!

H & JV head'in back to d top... round & round we go yeah ha

James who t-bog'in d last outside photo: Hayden Bell

Sunday morn'in 7:15am @ Stony, i love this spot, heart & soul

LB watchin John roll'in one of d top lines as H heads up topside for more

H lay'in it down

had a sweet 4 days hang'in at the hills again, all the lines were roll'in fast & i even got a couple a photos shot during smoko! Big up ups go out to H & K for yet again putt'in us up, sorry bout the taxi failure, but beers & ride'in put ya to sleep dam fast hahha. I'll be dragg'in my sorry ass back for more before winter kicks it's cold ass in. Had dam perfect weather the whole time, ya could hear the surf pumpin but we wern't here to surf now were we? Tui's chirping, boys rolling, the ever thirst quenching sound of flagon's be'in opened, BBQ crank'in & some tunes to top it all off! Yep need i say more...... everyone had a good time, no damage, a couple a ghosts & i got the fuck off my ride dam fast once or twice hahaha wind those windows up! Ride on & dig trails......... it's so worth it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009