Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wanaka Sk8 BMX Park

start look'in for lines, this is what's get'in built over the next couple a years! Hit it for a big view!

It's all starting to come together for the extentions here at the local concrete hang out, We had a club meeting last night an kinda almost finalised the plans, check d pic above, so basicly it's just a matter of putting in the last bit a street stuff in.......agree on it....then send it off to Jason Parks & Iain Young to do the final plan.....then it's of to the QLDC & a few other trusts for some extra funding! I'll keep ya all upto date as i'm good like that haha ya can check these for updates Wanaka Skate Club & Wanaka Skate Club (facebook)

So along with all that said theres gona be a few parties to help raise $$$, Sk8 Jams, BMX Jams & a few SK8/BMX Jams........ the next trubmx "Build The Park Jam" is happening on the 23 May that's locked in date wise, i'm just wait'in to hear back from a few possible sponsers ie prizes, so i should have the flier up in a week! If anyone's keen to get involved sponser wise hola back by 1st May. Ride on!........ are you involved?


sam said...

yes yes yes yes rad rad rad looks real good roll the cash get it done cant wait for tim hales 2010

Asher said...

looks amazing. Is it all going to be done in 1 stage and whens building meant to start?

TRUBMX said...

at this stage we can start building tomorrow if we want to but, first we gotta raise funds, wait on funding from QLDC & apply for funding thru a few charitable trusts in NZ, It's also not really known at this stage if we'll build it all in one go or in a couple of stages, that depends on who much funding we get.So basicly no date just yet for the first pour of concrete! Soon come tho.

I really just wanted to share the plans & get them on the web so everyone can check 'em, it always helps seeing what's to come... it also helps create intrest/ get along to the next "Build the Park Jam" 23rd May. I'll post news up as it all unfolds.

sam w said...

are the lips going to be metal framed or just rolled??

TRUBMX said...

yo Sam W, not to sure at this stage but it's a good chance that some will & some won't, but either way they'll be lippier than the smart ass kid next door!