Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stony daze!

H & JV head'in back to d top... round & round we go yeah ha

James who t-bog'in d last outside photo: Hayden Bell

Sunday morn'in 7:15am @ Stony, i love this spot, heart & soul

LB watchin John roll'in one of d top lines as H heads up topside for more

H lay'in it down

had a sweet 4 days hang'in at the hills again, all the lines were roll'in fast & i even got a couple a photos shot during smoko! Big up ups go out to H & K for yet again putt'in us up, sorry bout the taxi failure, but beers & ride'in put ya to sleep dam fast hahha. I'll be dragg'in my sorry ass back for more before winter kicks it's cold ass in. Had dam perfect weather the whole time, ya could hear the surf pumpin but we wern't here to surf now were we? Tui's chirping, boys rolling, the ever thirst quenching sound of flagon's be'in opened, BBQ crank'in & some tunes to top it all off! Yep need i say more...... everyone had a good time, no damage, a couple a ghosts & i got the fuck off my ride dam fast once or twice hahaha wind those windows up! Ride on & dig trails......... it's so worth it!

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Anonymous said...

thats sweet suns melting our snow, start diggin soon!