Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more stony daze......

roll in & kids bike........nothing but goodtimes

private property suckaz! Invite only

hands up Asher your busted! Where's ya brakes son

what's up wit ya legs John... nuth'in a vegie burger & a flagon of Emersons wont fix

Henry try'in to prune d tree's wit some rubber photo: Hayden Bell

that James guy again......roast'in still from footage: John Wells

a few more crappy unprofessional shots from a legit fun mish.........big ups to H, Hayden, JV, Shannon, Si, Nath, LB & James for all the hard work you boys have put in this year @ Stony Hills, Respect to ya! Winter is loom'in opon us all, so there wont be many more trail filled days left until summer comes around again! Thanks to the Stony locals for all the fun times had this summer! Much love & have a dope winter build'in new lines! DIG TRAILS!

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