Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Devils bath tub

gimmie ya souls biker fools

The Mornington Bowl ie Blood Pit

Danny channel'in evil spirits. Photo: Alan Baxter

Tony t-bog'in it for d devil

John scair'in himself....wit bit a vert

Hayden air'in d channel...look out for demons! photo: Alan Baxter

went to d ol blood pit for a sesh, been a long time but still fun as! the only vert left in Dud as the old St. Clair vert ramp has been gone for ages , it was burn't down by some idiots.I caught up with dudsvile Tony one of the loyal locals at the pit, when he's not send'in himself all over the place he's buzz'in peeps ie a genius with a tattoo gun! Shit Clinton Smith ruled this pit back in the day with 10-12 foot airs man...i hear he's got a new BMX so look out! Go ride & stop read'in this evil dribble...right!

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