Monday, April 27, 2009

Rebellyell 8 - get ya hands on a copy!

the new Rebelyell is out, Revolutionnz just got it & it's loaded full of dope radness for ya minds eye to get psyched on , so get hands on & get shit happining in ya scene slackers! NO MORE BITCH"IN! Check the review @ FatBMX ! This issue covers things like the BMX games, Nick Hills, Ozzie Russ, Self Sufficiency, rad pics, pics, pics & it even has some words Mikey & I wrote 'bout the 1st annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon" that i put on in Tim Hales memory along with some dope shots T.P. took from the day.
So don't forget every year we'll be remebering the late great kiwi shredder Tim Hales by having a sweet day of ripping around Wanaka Skate/BMX Park & all the cash raised goes towards the new extentions, the 2nd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon" will be happining early December 09 stay tuned man, oh yes there's adope shot of J-Rod kink'in it side ways on the back cover at his dope trails in.......yeah right i'm not tell'in you were! Hit Natrual BMX for more & dig trails... then you'll understand why trails are kept dam secret! Dig on diggers!

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