Friday, April 17, 2009

spring runs...

not mouch going on a round here except school holidays an both parks are over flow'in with little kids with death wish's a plenty... look out haha, the 2nd "Build The Park Jam'' date has been changed to the 23rd May, A big farwell goes out to John & Mikey who have just left on their missions back home to Europe, it's been sweet hav'in them around, catch yo up next year....there's a meeting coming up next week to discuss & try get some plans for the extentions finalized, the 3 plans are in & this may take a while with the young local skater kids want'in to see more street stuff, which could mean less of the big stuff, but who knows as everyone needs to be looked after, oh an it's spring in the UK..... winter digg'in is kinda over, leaves are getting raked, new lines are being rolled...check d vid, dig trails!

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