Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stony Hills Jam....TRAILS

Jake tweaked @ the Gorge open day!

Karl also abit tweaked @ the Gorge

Lowell thrown a table for all you auzzie's!

Michael blast'in it for the euro's @ the Gorge open day!

OH YEAH found a few snaps of the Gorge... stolen of facecrack hahaha So it's down to the coast for a few days of trails action @ Stony Hillz, should be a dope time digg'in abit, croom'in the lines up for the Jam this a swim in the ocean OH yes & some emersons mmmm i can't wait for that. In abit local Dunedin news "Bike Otago" the new bike shop set to open in Dunedin soon an will be stock'in Fly Bikes, S&M, Odyssey an a whole lot more good BMX stuff!!! More news on this new shop soon, until then have a dope weekend......ride on & maybe we'll see ya at Stony Hills if ya got a invite, dig trails! BBRRAAUUUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CATTY WOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TRIALSSSSSSSSSS

TRAILS !! Brain Foster 3 tabood 1 hander, yes styl'in it up in the woods of PA @........well if you know where you know....... PA is where it all began... so much inspiration... years of diggin!! RESPECT!!! (hit the pic & go large)

Magilla is the man ( so are Jay & Mark T @ Catty), i got to say i have always loved this diggers steeze!! Buy the new DIG & Catty Woods dvd it's a RAD combo man!

mmm this nice lady is help'in DIG, trouble is the boys didn't get much done, girls are a distraction!

The Nutter @ POSH , PA

Robbo leadin it & Mark T follow'in thru the pocket @ Catty!!!!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!! the new Catty dvd turn'nt up along with the new DIG! Mag (check the pages above & how dope is the pocket) Cheers to Rhysty @ Backbone BMX mean combo bro, I hope ya lov'in ya fresh trails in that rain forest man & cheers for the tee's "STRENGTH IN NUMBERS" so so true! I'm com'in to visit soon bro..... dam i just sculled a whole bottle of wine grown & made here in Wanaka @ Rippon, dam it was a 2005 osteiner... sounds German( yep i'm a little boozed right now hahaha, listen to Led Zep & folding nappies, i'm goin 2 dig, soon if i don't pass oout!) hahahaha Oh my hahah the footage of Catty is the GNAR!!!!! SSOOO RAD & beautiful !!!!! nothing i've ever seen comes close, except the last catty dvd "Save the woods" ,or footage from Jared's Trails (OZ), Catty has to be one of the best/most loved/beautiful trails on EARTH ( if you CAN FIND A BETTER , MUCH LOVED SPOT I'LL GIVE UP bmx ok, GOOD LUCK), POSH is next inline, PA is were i'd like to live hahaha Wanaka's pretty sweet tho aye!

The new DIG is loaded with nuthan but dirty trail porn trails trails dirty dam trails, the Magilla interview is sweet , so's the interviews with all the original PUSH diggers/riders, along with all the US & UK trails scenes, interviews with all the local diggers, loads of sweet shoots of boys on bikes fly'in high, get the mag you'll love it, it's my new bible & full of filth!! Hahha

PA is were it all began man, remember that vid "Expendable Youth " i think Fox & Etnies put out back in the mid nineties, that's were i first saw PUSH, an that's what got H & i ampted on diggin mounds of dirt to throw our selves sky high on!.... that's why/reason Stony Hills (NZ) was built (the Brighton boys also helped out digg'in to) So if your lucky enough to be at REVOLVER BAR (queenstown, NZ) on Wednesday the 11th Feb after the Gorge Road Trail Jam, you'll get to watch "Catty Woods" on a big screen, have a beer or 2, an help raise a little $$$ for up keep @ The Gorge Trails, dam i'm boozed already! hhaha See ya @ the Gorge! GO DIG! or @ Stony Hills this weekend....if your invited that is!! BBBRRAAAUUPPPPPPPP wit a little flow & style!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2500m elevation...Mt. Brewster mish

I'm back after spending 2 amazing days in the wilderness & survived climbing Mt. Brewster (halfway between Makarora & Haast,West Coast NZ) here's a few small vids from the mish, the vids don't do much for the scale of mountian, but when do cameras do anything justice aye? We 4 of us 2 Norwegians, me & 1 Elf haha went up & down in 2 days & what a F#*K'in amazing mish it was, just being at the mercy of mother natures power ..... what a buzz man, if ya ain't ever climbed a mountain (crampons & ice axe stylee), crossed glaciers, slept in a rock bivy, froze ya balls of, had dinner with Kea's, shat in a poo pot (leave only foot prints man), bush bashed it from the tree line in a rain forest so thick with moss everywhere with NO trails to follow to the valley floor like a wild beast & looked death in the eye......well your miss'in out! Get out there man, i am, LIVE IT UP...... ya LIFE MAN!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help Wanaka Park Jam!

i just put this together so hit it, save it, send it & spread the word! As i hook a few sponsers up i'll change d flier for ya all so stay posted (anyone keen to help out hola back) & see ya here soon for a day of rollin & playin in one of New Zealand's most scenic sk8 parks!! Power to the people yo! Gotta keep raisin $$$ an show the QLDC we ain't gona back down or let some financial crisis stop us gettin what we all want, ie more concrete & lines to blast!

Wanaka Sk8 Park update

Mickey helpin raise funds @ T.H.W.S. 08

Asher also help'in & jam'in it @ the T.H.W.S 08

This is what we have, kids included but still no lights or shade from the killer sun!

an this is what we'll have (blue & red) when we come up wit d $$$$

mmm got a bit of bad news today it seems the global finacial crisis has hit home ground as the QLDC last year said they had allocated $500,000 to the wanaka sk8 park extentions, but the fresh news is that those funds have been cut right back to $O possibly, here's what Paul Wilson @ the QLDC had to say:

"Please be aware that due to economic situation our capital budgets are being severely
reduced and at this stage the funding for the skatepark is not in the draft budgets for next year."

big bummer really as Convict Design, Team Pain, Jason Parks (builder of the new QT bowl & Park) & David North ( builder of REEFTON) have all been sent our designs & ideas for them to draft up plans...... so at this stage i don't know what's gona happen, but i know this much an that is that we'll still keep on the fundraising buzz as we all (bmx's & sk8's) want to see a bigger, less crowded park with lights & some shade from the sun!! Here in Wanaka that means bigger new bowls & all the uther stuff ya like to see in a district park, TRUBMX is puttin on a "Help Wanaka Park" fundraising jam on 21st February 09 i'll have a flier up in a day or 2, fuck the recession! Live goes on & it don't stop us riding does it........ if ya rich ya broke & if ya broke ya still broke, an kids (big & small) will keep on want'in to play!

Trail goodness as usual!

Style counts! Not ya stunt repertoire

Tom Robinson from Tom C on Vimeo.

I'm hav'in too much fun riding to be blog'in, what i'm i doin right now tho blog'in hahahha, anyway the new PA WOODS dvd is in at Backbone , it comes in a sweet combo with the new DIG! Get it man as it'll sell out quick! Help the cause as those dope diggers @ Catty are raisin funds to save their trails! My copy will be here next week YEEPPEE more sweet inspiration to just keep on diggin! I'll see if Matty @ Revolver is keen for a screenin of it along with the new'ish Segment Analog UK trails DVD i also have & to help raise more funds for those sick trails @ The Gorge in QT, more on that soon. I also found this sweet vid on Vimeo punchin in a few names.... Robbo above is killin it @ Catty & POSH........ happy riding & diggin !

Oh an the new TRUBMX "O8's gone" vid will be online shortly, loads of fun times on little kids bikes around a place we call OTAGO! Hahaha some time soon i'll take a camera an get some shots, but dam riding is way more fun than play'in with a camera! Ride on diggers!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A-town Jam & Frew Farm vid

Theres bit of a right 'ol ghetto sesh happnin @ Arrowtown Sk8 park, check the flier above for all ya need to know, so wipe those cobwebs of ya ghetto cruizin beast an be there....$10 entry, prizes an a party some where after all the ripping!! Here's a wee bit a footage from d Frew farm Jam 08 yeeeehhaaaa cowboys ride on! Rattle ya dags baa baaa

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Just back from d coast to recover Fu, karma prevails at last... stoked! Cool to have the Fu back no more lonely diggin hahhaha, thanks heaps to the SPCA for callin us as the villain's droped Fu off there, they must of got sick of Fu's snortin, burp'in, fart'in, snoring & fur going everywhere he Fu'd them good or they just realized if Henry & I found them they'd be up shit creek man & gettin a well good beatin with the paddle! Big ups goes out to Henry & Kylie @ Stony Hills for the hospitality..... we all just can't believe Fu's back, i had 2 nice days at the Hillz an there rollin sooo sweet, dig trails

Monday, January 5, 2009


heres a couple more teasers from Catty, how dope is the pocket jump looks sooo fun... i'm buildin one, so if ya love trails, a few stunts & boys with style for miles, keep checkin Backbone BMX as those shovel pushing loyal rats will have it any day now!
Dig trails & hide them well...........................enjoy the summer of 09 Brraauuppp !

oh an in random local news Methven (NZ) is getting a new public jump park & a new concrete sk8 park.... oh yes more places to ride in Mainland (south Is.) NZ, more on this later.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is funny , watch it !

Travis Pastranas Big Wheel Backflip and Crash - video powered by Metacafe

09 is here , an this is just perfect to kick the year of with , WTF! Travis is nut's & what a nose case man hahaha enjoy, thank Joe Rich for this goody
it'll be winter again it's not that far away....yes really

OH the new date for the WANAKA HELP MIKE AITKEN JAM is Saturday 31st January 09... flier soon come so........