Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wanaka Sk8 Park update

Mickey helpin raise funds @ T.H.W.S. 08

Asher also help'in & jam'in it @ the T.H.W.S 08

This is what we have, kids included but still no lights or shade from the killer sun!

an this is what we'll have (blue & red) when we come up wit d $$$$

mmm got a bit of bad news today it seems the global finacial crisis has hit home ground as the QLDC last year said they had allocated $500,000 to the wanaka sk8 park extentions, but the fresh news is that those funds have been cut right back to $O possibly, here's what Paul Wilson @ the QLDC had to say:

"Please be aware that due to economic situation our capital budgets are being severely
reduced and at this stage the funding for the skatepark is not in the draft budgets for next year."

big bummer really as Convict Design, Team Pain, Jason Parks (builder of the new QT bowl & Park) & David North ( builder of REEFTON) have all been sent our designs & ideas for them to draft up plans...... so at this stage i don't know what's gona happen, but i know this much an that is that we'll still keep on the fundraising buzz as we all (bmx's & sk8's) want to see a bigger, less crowded park with lights & some shade from the sun!! Here in Wanaka that means bigger new bowls & all the uther stuff ya like to see in a district park, TRUBMX is puttin on a "Help Wanaka Park" fundraising jam on 21st February 09 i'll have a flier up in a day or 2, fuck the recession! Live goes on & it don't stop us riding does it........ if ya rich ya broke & if ya broke ya still broke, an kids (big & small) will keep on want'in to play!

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