Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trail goodness as usual!

Style counts! Not ya stunt repertoire

Tom Robinson from Tom C on Vimeo.

I'm hav'in too much fun riding to be blog'in, what i'm i doin right now tho blog'in hahahha, anyway the new PA WOODS dvd is in at Backbone , it comes in a sweet combo with the new DIG! Get it man as it'll sell out quick! Help the cause as those dope diggers @ Catty are raisin funds to save their trails! My copy will be here next week YEEPPEE more sweet inspiration to just keep on diggin! I'll see if Matty @ Revolver is keen for a screenin of it along with the new'ish Segment Analog UK trails DVD i also have & to help raise more funds for those sick trails @ The Gorge in QT, more on that soon. I also found this sweet vid on Vimeo punchin in a few names.... Robbo above is killin it @ Catty & POSH........ happy riding & diggin !

Oh an the new TRUBMX "O8's gone" vid will be online shortly, loads of fun times on little kids bikes around a place we call OTAGO! Hahaha some time soon i'll take a camera an get some shots, but dam riding is way more fun than play'in with a camera! Ride on diggers!

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Anonymous said...

hahah i know that burm ! this must b james ?