Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2500m elevation...Mt. Brewster mish

I'm back after spending 2 amazing days in the wilderness & survived climbing Mt. Brewster (halfway between Makarora & Haast,West Coast NZ) here's a few small vids from the mish, the vids don't do much for the scale of mountian, but when do cameras do anything justice aye? We 4 of us 2 Norwegians, me & 1 Elf haha went up & down in 2 days & what a F#*K'in amazing mish it was, just being at the mercy of mother natures power ..... what a buzz man, if ya ain't ever climbed a mountain (crampons & ice axe stylee), crossed glaciers, slept in a rock bivy, froze ya balls of, had dinner with Kea's, shat in a poo pot (leave only foot prints man), bush bashed it from the tree line in a rain forest so thick with moss everywhere with NO trails to follow to the valley floor like a wild beast & looked death in the eye......well your miss'in out! Get out there man, i am, LIVE IT UP...... ya LIFE MAN!

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