Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stony Hills Jam....TRAILS

Jake tweaked @ the Gorge open day!

Karl also abit tweaked @ the Gorge

Lowell thrown a table for all you auzzie's!

Michael blast'in it for the euro's @ the Gorge open day!

OH YEAH found a few snaps of the Gorge... stolen of facecrack hahaha So it's down to the coast for a few days of trails action @ Stony Hillz, should be a dope time digg'in abit, croom'in the lines up for the Jam this a swim in the ocean OH yes & some emersons mmmm i can't wait for that. In abit local Dunedin news "Bike Otago" the new bike shop set to open in Dunedin soon an will be stock'in Fly Bikes, S&M, Odyssey an a whole lot more good BMX stuff!!! More news on this new shop soon, until then have a dope weekend......ride on & maybe we'll see ya at Stony Hills if ya got a invite, dig trails! BBRRAAUUUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!

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