Sunday, May 23, 2010

weekend digs

EVERY SATURDAY IS NOW A WORK DAY @ LISMORE 9am-1pm/sundown.....dig & ride! Get involved! Ya dig?

porch view's & coffee's @ 8am = motivation

Ollie stole my flathead cos it rules haha! No 2 Atlas the best flathead in NZ!

a few rollers in front of a shortened 1st on moto & 2nd lip.

partly stacked new 3rd landing on moto.

Dan planning & tiny Jimmy slapping

i think this is Ollie or Hunter testin it out?

new 5th landing partly finished.

new lips, longer gaps on mainline, local's having break & checking their work out!

hooooly a whole lota stuff just got made bigger & radder over the weekend in Lismore here's a few pic's from the weekend's digs, 2 solid day's getting it done! It was real good to see all the locals in force, big up's to you all! So from no on EVERY SATURDAY 9am-1pm/till dark IS A WORK DAY!!! Come Dig some & ride some! The rain held off so we got to ride it all! There's a bunch a slaping, packing & dailing still to do..... it's raining today tho, not good......Big up's to Dan for sort'ing out the's amazing how much you can get done with one a them diesel powered beasts. I got a little footy from a few a the diggers test runs, some of it's soft & slow but the big line is nice & fast..not to soft! blah blah blah! DIG!

bit a footy from the weekend's dig!

it's mad seeing a few pic's & words about this place in Revolution (auzzie mtb mag) after spending years hang'in, diggin & roasting them with H & a few good buddy's....there's even a shot with a local in it, so there bloody should be! This place is like the most addictive DRUG, i just don't get enough of it! It's in Otatara down south near Bluff.

an were would we be without a little inspiration aye.

Jem's Muller rulz it!

the big red Ozzie beast!


mike said...

Your guys trails look kick ass

fungus said...

Thats awesome dude,Why don't you come to dudsville anymore??..hahaha. Keep up the good work,I'm gonna have to get my shit together & roadie up your way for a party or 3!

TRUBMX said...

cheers Mike, casselberry's dam dope & ya've got clay, that's like gold around here.

TRUBMX said...

Nice Clinton. Loads a hands gets it done. Sunny Dudzville 650km round trip & gas ain't free. Plenty a diggin up here but i sure do miss stony tho, i got 4 fun days riding in trails season just gone ...i'l savour those days till next season.
hola when ya come up & check that weather. Bring whiskey!