Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bad karma goes out to....

a few fresh un-used carpet tacks i found on my drive way!

......the dodgy mother fucker/fuckers who thought it was a good idea to drop a heap a carpet tacks on the end of our drive way a week & 1/2 ago, yup a couple a boys got flats & we swept but missed a few & my 2 year old daughter Dharcy got 2 tacks in her foot!! You muther fucker/fuckers you've stooped to low this time, bad karma to ya bitch ass pussy's ...i can only think of one person who'd be so stupid enough to do something like this....you kno who you are, wanaka's a small town so when i find out who did this look out!!! ON a positive tip i'll have a few fresh pic's of stony hills up in a day or so, had a dam good productive weekend at stony with Henry, Clint, Ewok, Monty & Sam ( haha sorry bro) right now tho it's chill time & Mike Parsi is hang'in in the spare room. Chill bro!

Mike P get'in attacked by Marley...while tack attack victim Dharcy holds her head in disgust!


sam said...

good to see i dont do any work at the hills jimmy. hope the tack fucks brands the marks of stigmata when your done

Anonymous said...

Fuck that is low bro.. Cunts will pay