Sunday, October 25, 2009

goodtimes are back

just had 4 solid days at stony hills digg''s a low down... new roll in is dope, hi speed pump lines are rad, they weave its way thru the trails like a snakes on fire, new lips got roasted (shit some are even ready grassed), ate loads, i saw a giant berm get slapped, played with amazing clay, we built a pirate plank gap step down thang & aheap of other fun stuff, played with more dope clay (so dope ya can roll it straight away), forgot about jump'in in the ocean, got stabed in the chest by a shovel handle on day one (i think i broke a rib haha), cats hunt & kill rabits, ate loads more, drunk Emersons, hang by the fire & talked a load trail talk.... yup a dam goodtime!

Big up's to Henry & Kylie for put'in me up, thanks heaps. Henry has such a huge job keep'in stony running! BIG ups to him! Ewok is back from tatawen with shovel in hand, Clinton is roll'in dirt...cheers for ya help boys.....dig & roast trails! haahahha no photos were to busy....the vid below is sweet tho loads a roastin going on, enjoy!

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