Monday, September 28, 2009

Stony Hills Trail Jam...2010 ...update

The 1st annual "Stony Hills Trail Jam" is locked in for the 2010 summer 25-28th of Feb and sponsors are all confirming there support with the most resent addition to the lineup being the RED BULL mafia!!!!

a few words from Stony trailboss Henry "A big thanks has to goes out to Redbull for stepping up giving us the opportunity to make the SHTJ an event that gets etched into your calender every year for years to come, everyone knows Red bull doesn't fuck around when it comes to supporting this kind of thing and i am super stoked to say they are associated with the Stony Hills Trail Jam.

We are currently discussing wether there will be a cash prize purse for the podium and i really hope this can happen as it always makes people step it up but also will help with paying for the "Month of Mayhem" so let your boss know you are taking a month off ,mid Jan to mid Feb 2010. James @ trubmx has confirmed Rebelyell, tha bad ass Mark Noble with his trail steeze Deluxe bmx, Rhysty @ backbone is also onboard along with Ben Seek's Insideline (new CHCH BMX shop) plus Fox, Adidas and Wideopen to name a few more!

So things are looking good from a sponsor point of view. We also hope to have camping on site for those that get here on the 25th and help out a little with some last digs b4 d jam, there should be water and basic facility's avalible also. The poster is underway at the moment and will be on trubmx first so keep an eye out in the next few weeks for that one. I will also be leaking the comp format in the next few months for those of you with ya eye on the prize, so make sure you get ya style dialed in as this will be judged a little different to most!

If anyone is in Dunedin over the next few months and wants to check the trails out, remember TRAILS ETIQUETTE APPLES.....Yes the jam is open to all riders that weekend, but until then the No Dig-No Ride policy is in place so come lend a hand, have a ride and enjoy the trails if you want. More info coming soon

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