Saturday, September 5, 2009

summer daze....

mikey's a dam euro

John's custom seat .......ahh the irish.

monty styl'in it

Hidz...kill'in it

Henry yup tabo

Monty & empty

Henry has facial's like scotty crammer...hahahahha.

Monty...even after split'in his chin open an get'in 4 stiches....styl'in it, dog piss step off? Rad

was a blue bird day on saturday, finaly felt like summers almost back, sun blast'in, no wind, shirt's of for the girls & a empty skank park as every one's play'in in that snow stuff? So i took a few pic's, found a few Monty sent me a while back & don't for get to sign up to Wanaka BMX Inc....not much paaper work to go.....ride on!

1 comment:

cameron said...

dam those wanaka kids are killing it. us old boys better step up our game. ahhh fuck that get me another beer while i sit back and enjoy the show. going to be a killer summer.