Friday, September 4, 2009

crompton spot

B-rad being Brad in crompton pic ?

Will Harris..... yes, crompton pic Beech or Beach?

There's a load of us out there who kno put all this together, big ups to those dam 2 Ozzie rippers B-rad & Ricky, The 1/4's to the right of tight rhythm, if ya ain't rolled the spot, i was down in crompton last week & the local bogans have fuct up the 1/4, try'in to air their mrk 4 cortina's & escort's by the look of the rubber on it, it's like riding a nacho now ie wack, so who's keen around this ass end of the country to get out there & fix it up......hola back, need winch but can be done with long cable & trust, once in place quick crete will hold it there...... summer's com'in an this spot is fun!

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