Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TIM HALES R.I.P.s 24/04/84 - 21/09/08

Tim Hales that Kiwi cat send'in it in Melb's photo; Chris Pollack

here a few pic's (cheers Luke) of what The Anchor boy's got up to to remember that freaky dance'in, cat lov'ing shreda Tim Hales......ride on for eva man & keep an eye on us all Tim! You'll always be remembered!

Greg riding a fitzy fence with Leigh lead'in it, high speed mayhem fueled by beer & Tim's spirit!

"ahh hahhaa i bleed for Tim" Greg after a few hit's get'in the fence ride on!
(yes that's Tim on Greg's "Fiend Fund" t-shirt)

fresh paint in Fitzy bowl,yes d elusive Acid Cat.......Tim's alter ego?

open a beer for Tim, there's one these @ The Anchor & Fitzy Bowl, always remembering & always boozing...ride on

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