Saturday, June 13, 2009

Final Plans 4 Wanaka Sk8 Park! Finally

theres gonna be some fun lines to flow & roast it up on!

the 6, 8,10ft clover, bowl section & most to the right behind is all gonna be new! So many lines!

13ft of verts gonna scare the shit outa ya & 1oft capsual is gonna get ya loop'in out!

Scotty @ Kia Whakapai, persuaded his crew to give up their tips for a week or 2! They also got kick ass coffee & local micro brewed beers on tap...30 seconds from the park....ahh a pint!

got my hands on the final plans today, sooo very dope! 3d plans all ways look sweet & dam theres gona be some fun lines to roast once it's all built! More on the cocrete pouring dates as they come! Big up's to Sarah @ Kai Whakapai for her sweet idea & giv'in up all their tips for the park fund'in efforts, 4 cup's to full & vote who ya like best hahahha i rekon keep them BMX's & sk8'ers of the streets hahaha! Build the Park!


Asher said...


Im moving back to wanaka!

TRUBMX said...

i've got a spare room, 3 cool kids, 1 crazy snoring grunting fartin dog "FU" & the trails will be only evolving in the years to come!

JJ said...

So amazing!!!