Sunday, June 7, 2009

white walls

click it & read the text....bmx is sooo fun, but we already know that don't we?

normally i wouldn't put up Joe's freaky friday T-1 madness, i'd just have a few laugh's at 'em, there awesome, but after hang'in out with Ryan Corrigan a few months back & put'in him up when he rolled thru Wanaka we all got talk'in about these mysterious elusive"white walls" in Arizona somewhere, i think we were talk'in bout the Lake Pukaki Wall ride & all those concrete structures thru to Ben Moore & waitaki dam, that's how we got on to the white walls, John had heard about 'em, so had i, but neither John (Wells) or i had seen them..... well it seems there real alright!

Happy search'in out there boy's & keep on find'in new & fun stuff to ride....adaptation is what BMX is all about, if you can find it, you can ride it, it's just a matter of work'in out how to, ride on! Sign up to the T-1 freaky friday, email
...with 'Freaky Friday' as the Subject Header. There's some entertaining stuff goin on! Confusion & weirdness!


sam said...

you jimmy are these not on road fools 11 hit this link
maybe maybe

Hunter said...

I love that stuff aye, watch this vid theres some crazzy tranny shit i there