Sunday, June 28, 2009

winter fun times

snow fevers back in wanaka, plus wanaka's also the green'est town in the country? That's pretty cool but ain't so true, if peeps ride more bikes it would be, but everyone drives cars everywhere in such a small town, plus they spray poison in the lake were wanaka get's it's water from...wierd but true! Anyway it's funky party time, dig's a going good & a little ride'nz being done! Have fun in d sun... when ya get to see it! Gotta few views/beliefs/opinions from a heap of dam loyal trail loving diggers out there....i'll drop'em soon....with out 'em there just wouldn't be any trails around the globe to help dig at & roast! Here's a sweet vid, enjoy! trubmx suma mash up vid....on it's way.................blow up ya car & ride ya bike! Ya dig?

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