Tuesday, June 2, 2009


BOOM! Render BOOM!

how clean is this.. it'll render ya speechless

Hot shit man psyched as on the new EDH Render, one hell of a dam dailed sexy piece a 4130 fa sure, clean & looks like ya can run it brakeless if ya into that steeze! Trav (if ya don't know owns/runs EDH) has an eye fa detail & design that kicks ass, he's even got a bang'in top load stem in the pipe line not to mention all the uther sweet parts EDH already makes, he'll want give me the 'ol SA beat down for steal'in these shot's, but i'll risk it! Sorry Trav, but d Render is bang'in! Not sure on the specs but keep an eye on Robbie Brown he'll rock'in & kill'in it on one of these sexy beasts soon! So dope to see a Kiwi based BMX compnay making a bang'in frame, if it comes in a 21 i'll be keen on roast'in & blast'in shit fa sure on one! Hit Trav up @ EDH if ya wanna know when ya can get ya grubby hands on one of these sweet rides! Support the NZ BMX scene punks!

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