Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruben be a Terrible One

Ruben rules hands down, i don't tho haha, we're the same age, we old yet still roast'in! Jay Bones rules man, one of the baddest diggers out there, roast'in it up @ one of the best trails in the world! You even get to see just how big the famous "Glory Hole" is, full a golden magic clay! The one & only spainish trail loving king a style roast'in those dope woods of PA!........if you know where you know right! Brup brup BRAAUUPPP!
Save them woods!
dig trails!


Sasquatch Canyon said...

Jay BONE! thanks for the kind words about the site and trails, it is a dream of our whole crew to make our way to Aus and NZ, lets hope it happens some day.

TRUBMX said...

Sweet as! If ya ever make it down, you got a roof fa sure! Dig on!