Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ler virgin gorge?

i found a little footy from the 1st day roll'in d gorge, mr dirtfarmers creations in QT, dam i know i was freak'in & pysched all at once when i roll'd in for the 1st time, the mind is a strange thing, either way ithe day was hot, beers were cold, tunes were blast'in & we were all hav'in fun, sorry but i only got a bunch a boys on there little brothers bikes do'in a few stunts & trix while try'in to be men, shit it was hard enough stopping to film as it was after i winded myself good. Cheers Mikey for film'in a little, an big up's to everyone who has helped make the gorge as rad as it is! Ride on where ever ya be & dig trails!


ben s said...

good times!!

Anonymous said...

hey !
famous trail men!!
and i discover your blog, and your trail.
i'm french traildigger, and i find your interview very perfect: mentality of guy, look of dig issues..
we are all same problems , same passion for dig and create our playground!various and original

thanks my friends!

my secret blog man:


TRUBMX said...

i think i udersatnd your mad english! cheers man, we lowkey not famous fuck that shit hahaha! Ya blogs rad & not so secret anymore haha you french's got some bad ass trail dedication up there,Respect!....i'm come'in to visit next year, fa sure! Dig that dirt boys!

Anonymous said...

it sure..i'm fat chit in english language!

dig and take pleasure


TRUBMX said...

:-) back at ya man,you should send me ya e-mail man trubmx@yahoo.co.nz that way i can send ya those questions on trail prespective to answer if ya keen, stay in touch Toine,you got some sweet look'in lines @ ya trails man, keep on dig'in man!