Sunday, July 26, 2009

u ain't got pop!

WHOA! that's some deluxe pop man, Mulville roast'in Poto's, PA.

Mel Stoutsenberger pop'in in dogtown, 1974, big bars have been around as long as i have, 12inch rise goodness! Demand more rise now!

how's Mulville's insane boost'in , bad ass that's what! I cant remember where i stole the shot from, sorry, but god dam they rad as hell, not much has changed really in 34 years has it? the bikes have a bit i guess, how we ride has, what we ride has & the industry is prety much owned & run by BMX'ers , but the reason we ride hasn't changed tho or has it? Dig & ride for the love of it!

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